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Thank you. It’s Been a Blast!

Dear Jenwlee.com blog readers, Thank you for your support throughout the years. It’s truly been a blast. This little blog site started off in August 2015 as a way for me to help others in the Salesforce Trailblazer community with solutions to help solve their business problem. It quickly grew from there. I had so… Continue reading Thank you. It’s Been a Blast!

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A Look Back at My Salesforce 2016

On New Year’s eve, while 2016 may not have been a great year in various events that happened, as I reflect back on the year, it has been a good year for me as it relates to Salesforce. I am so grateful for the following… I Became 3X Salesforce Certified In January, I took two exams… Continue reading A Look Back at My Salesforce 2016

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Join Me for Automation Hour…

If you like process automation or want to learn different use cases for Salesforce process automation, then you MUST attend Automation Hour with me and my co-hosts, Rakesh Gupta (Automation Champion himself) and David Litton. Here are our scheduled sessions…Click on the presenter’s name(s) to register for that specific session 10/14/16, 3-4pm ET: (Presenter) David Litton… Continue reading Join Me for Automation Hour…

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I Met HIM Tonight – 9/19/2016

So, when I recorded the ButtonClick Admin podcast two weeks ago with Mike Gerholdt and Gillian Madill to promote my #DF16 sessions and got to the Lightning Round, I thought to myself, whom would I name as the person I most want to meet at Dreamforce? I’ve met so many awesome people at DF last… Continue reading I Met HIM Tonight – 9/19/2016

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[ButtonClick Admin Podcast] Document Process in Salesforce with Jennifer Lee

I am super excited to be a first time presenter at Dreamforce 16 with three sessions! I’m thrilled to be featured in the latest Salesforce ButtonClick Admin podcast, featuring presenters at the upcoming Dreamforce 16 in October. Thank you, Mike Gerholdt and Gillian Madill, for having me. Visit the Salesforce admins site to listen to… Continue reading [ButtonClick Admin Podcast] Document Process in Salesforce with Jennifer Lee

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Join Us For the Salesforce Automation Hour!

We’re here!!! Join us (co-hosts Jennifer Lee, David Litton and Rakesh Gupta) on Sept 16 at 3-4pm ET as we kick off Salesforce Automation Hour!  In each session, we will demonstrate a cool process automation solution and then take your process automation questions via the community or ReadyTalk chat. To kick off our first session, our presenter… Continue reading Join Us For the Salesforce Automation Hour!

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WOW. This Happened…

This came into my inbox today (8/10/16) off of the Success Community chatter. Thank you, Parker, for calling this out to me. And, here it is…It’s for real. I’m listed as a Process Builder resource on Salesforce’s Trailhead project: Build an Automated Workshop Management System.  Specifically, here. Truly honored! @jenwlee @trailhead @TheChrisDuarte you totally earned it… Continue reading WOW. This Happened…

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This Happened Today – 7/26/2016

Overall, 2016 continues to be one great, big, awesome year. At the beginning of the year, I set and have been able to accomplish my 2016 goals. I also obtained recognition from Salesforce and the Salesforce community on my contributions to the Salesforce ecosystem. All these events and achievements have been truly awesome. I became 3X certified, adding… Continue reading This Happened Today – 7/26/2016