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Summer ’17 Release Highlights

Summer17Logo Summer is my favorite season. I think of very warm weather, hanging out by the pool, enjoying the outdoors and vacationing. Please take me there now. As I write this blog post, it is still in the 50s, rainy and dreary.

Are you all caught up on the 540 (gasp!) pages of Summer ’17 release notes? Seriously? Right, you think that…Jen, I came here because I knew you would. And you’re right. LOL.

Access the HTML Release Notes

Access the PDF Release Notes

I read through the HTML notes and am highlighting some of the need to know or cool Summer ’17 features. Note: These highlights are from the Summer ’17 Release Notes published as of April 21, 2017 and are subject to change prior to the production release of Summer 17.

I divided the posts into five posts:

Read up, enjoy and here’s to a great summer!


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