Salesforce Release

Summer ’17 Salesforce Mobile Highlights


The list of Summer ’17 features below only apply to the Salesforce mobile experience.

There are additional Summer ’17 features available to Lightnin Experience only and Salesforce Classic only and both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Visit the  Summer ’17 Release Highlights post.

  1. Everything new in SF1
  2. Rich Text Editors Reenabled for LockerService. Previously, when LockerService was activated in a sandbox or personal DE, the rich text editor became disabled.
  3. Search Enhancement: Find the right opportunity by searching for opportunity name plus the account name.
  4. Search now includes Topics
  5. Create contacts quicker. Salesforce prepopulates from the Account’s phone, fax and mailing address.
  6. Person Accounts now shows all notes. Now, Salesforce also shows notes where the person account is a related contact.
  7. Find duplicates between contacts and leads. Use standard duplicate rules to find duplicates between contacts and leads.ContactandLeadDupRulesDetectDuplicatesCreate.gif
  8. Ineffectively written duplicate rules cannot be activated. If a matching rule is defined so broadly that too many records are identifed as possible duplicates, Salesforce will not allow the rule to be activated and will send a detailed email to the admin who tried to activate it.

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