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Summer ’18 Release Highlights

Summer18LogoI can’t believe Summer ’18 is already here in no time. I don’t know about all of you, but I still have my winter stuff in my closet and have not yet swapped out my winter for summer clothes. It’s May and Boston has not seen consistent warm weather yet so I’m not sure I’m physically ready yet for summer. What you can feel good about is that you did not have to read through 498 pages (!) of Release Notes. Instead, you saved time by reading this summary of the Salesforce Summer ’18 release highlights and then going into the Release Notes – HTML or PDF – to learn more about any of these features

Note: These highlights are from the Summer ’18 Release Notes published as of April 23, 2018 and are subject to change prior to the production release of Summer ‘18.

I divided the posts into several posts:

Read up and enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Summer ’18 Release Highlights

  1. Great blog love the break down of the release and the the gifs especially 🙂 i’ll be back thank you, i think i will go and back read a few years haha 😀


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