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Summer ’20 Release Highlights

I’ve read through the 530 Summer ‘20 release notes and summarized some of the need-to-know or cool Summer ’20 release features.

Access the HTML Release Notes

Access the PDF Release Notes


Note: These highlights are from the Summer ’20 Release Notes published as of May 4, 2020 and are subject to change prior to the production release of Summer ‘20.

I divided the posts into several posts:

Read up and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Summer ’20 Release Highlights

  1. This is great, so much better than going through 530 pages of salesforce release notes and with short video demos too. Such a time saver. Thank you Jenn!!


  2. This is a great, such a time saves. I love the short video demos that are included. Thank you Jenn for the great work!!


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