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WOW. This Happened…

This came into my inbox today (8/10/16) off of the Success Community chatter. Thank you, Parker, for calling this out to me. And, here it is…It’s for real. I’m listed as a Process Builder resource on Salesforce’s Trailhead project: Build an Automated Workshop Management System.  Specifically, here. Truly honored! @jenwlee @trailhead @TheChrisDuarte you totally earned it… Continue reading WOW. This Happened…

About Me

This Happened Today – 7/26/2016

Overall, 2016 continues to be one great, big, awesome year. At the beginning of the year, I set and have been able to accomplish my 2016 goals. I also obtained recognition from Salesforce and the Salesforce community on my contributions to the Salesforce ecosystem. All these events and achievements have been truly awesome. I became 3X certified, adding… Continue reading This Happened Today – 7/26/2016

About Me

My Blog is Featured in Oliver Hansen’s Salesforce Blogs – Admin List

My blog is featured on Oliver Hansen’s Salesforce Blogs listing under the Admin category.

I’m listed right next to awesome Salesforce colleagues, Mayank and Adam, along with other known known Salesforce Admin and Salesforce MVPs. Pretty cool!