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I Met HIM Tonight – 9/19/2016

So, when I recorded the ButtonClick Admin podcast two weeks ago with Mike Gerholdt and Gillian Madill to promote my #DF16 sessions and got to the Lightning Round, I thought to myself, whom would I name as the person I most want to meet at Dreamforce?

I’ve met so many awesome people at DF last year or at other events so I daringly responded, “I’m going straight to the top, Marc Benioff.” Not really thinking it would happen. That was a very high goal I’ve set.



I had to summon a LOT of courage last year to go up to Parker Harris and ask him for a selfie. This was right before he went on stage for the Marc and Parker Q&A session. This is so not in my nature to do something like that but I figured, now or never, right?!


Marc was just slightly out of reach. So, Marc became my #DF16SelfieGoal. #BarSetHigh


So, I was beyond thrilled when I received the invite two days after my podcast to a private, intimate event in Boston with Marc Benioff. By intimate, there were 20 attendees.


I met THE MAN tonight! #DF16SelfieGoalFulfilled #DreamComeTrue




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