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This Happened Today – 7/26/2016


Overall, 2016 continues to be one great, big, awesome year.

At the beginning of the year, I set and have been able to accomplish my 2016 goals. I also obtained recognition from Salesforce and the Salesforce community on my contributions to the Salesforce ecosystem. All these events and achievements have been truly awesome.

  • I became 3X certified, adding the Advanced Administrator and the Platform App Builder certifications to my existing Administrator certification in January.
  • At April’s Boston World Tour, Salesforce awarded me with the #AwesomeAdmin award, which sits proudly at the office. I also presented in two sessions.
  • I accepted the Social Media Manager role for WiT Diversity.
  • My blog site has received nearly 45,000 views this year with 34 blog posts opposed to the 6,637 views for the 18 blog posts in 2015.
  • I’m a first time 3X presenter at Dreamforce ’16 for both Admin and Developer tracks. Not only was I extremely lucky to be accepted, given the 7% acceptance odds for nearly 900 sessions that were submitted to the Admin track, but I am 1 in 5 repeat presenters of the 60 session presenters. Super cool, right? I felt so honored when I was asked to present at a group session with 3 Salesforce MVPs.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve been extremely active in the Salesforce community in the success community helping others by providing best practices or advice, blogging here, giving presentations and advocating Salesforce via Twitter and LinkedIn.

When the Salesforce MVP Summer 16 nomination window opened a couple of months back, my teammates at work and colleagues/friends/MVPs in the Salesforce Community nominated me for the coveted Salesforce MVP title. TY for all of your support and love. You know who you are. Ok, I’m going to name a few…Antonela Lula, James Casey, Hugh Munoz, Shonnah Hughes, Krystal Carter, Stuart Edeal, Carlos Siqueira, Toni Martin, Justice Sikakane, David Litton and Sarah Deutsch. Truly honored by the recognition…

Thursday night, I saw a little tweet from Holly Goldin Firestone that teased the Summer 16 MVP announcement.


So, I kept checking Twitter for any further activity. Nothing much. I kept checking my email for something from Salesforce. Nothing. I think I woke up every couple of hours throughout Thursday night, checking Gmail for that email from Salesforce. Checked again when I woke up at 6am to get ready for work Friday morning. Still nothing. I guess no news = bad news. While a bit discouraged, my plan was to keep trekking on, doing what I’m doing and maybe next time.

Then, I checked my John Hancock email. Look what I found! An email from Holly…Were my eye playing tricks on me?! I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement, that I achieved such a great honor/recognition as a new Salesforce MVP!


It was extremely hard to restrain from climbing to the rooftops and shouting out that I was a new MVP. I shared the news with family/close friends and my team at work.

Then, it became official at 8am PT with announcements on Twitter.


Introducing Our Summer 2016 Class of Salesforce MVPs

Following a second after this tweet, my Twitter feed was lit up through the rest of the work day with congrats and much love from  from my Salesforce friends/colleagues/community. I think at one point during the work day, I stepped away from Twitter for a couple of hours and I had 577 Twitter notifications! Unreal! Where else can you find this type of close knit community?! #SalesforceCommunityLove

Being selected by Salesforce to join their MVP program was the ultimate icing on the cake for 2016. This indeed has been an EPIC year!

Francis Pindar, Salesforce MVP, reminded me that my journey to MVP started back in May 2015 with an innocent Twitter exchange between him and me on what it takes to be MVP and it was then and there that he asked me whether I was up for the challenge. http://bit.ly/1Ldsfm5

FullSizeRender (1)

I took that challenge to heart, by being active in the Success Community, paying it forward by sharing original content, How To’s from my blog, other Salesforce helpful content/resources and just sharing my love for Salesforce with the community.

For whatever reason, it wasn’t until I read the tweet below from Michael Gill, that all of this became truly real for me. I got teary as I started to feel all sorts of emotions. I am a Salesforce MVP. WOW.

IMG_1430 (1).PNG

I want to take a moment to thank Mike for all of his guidance/feedback on how to shape my blog and blog articles.

Mike, thank you for all of your support over the past year. I still remember our first in person meeting was at DF15. #LoveMyMVPProgramMentor


Friday, Thursday 29, 2016 was an awesome day. It was the day I was named a Salesforce MVP.