Salesforce Launches 11 New Trailhead Modules. TH Mascot Astro is Missing

The awesome Salesforce Trailhead team continues to impress with its new Trailhead content. They make learning the Salesforce platform fun and entertaining. This time, the Trailhead team launches 11 new modules & one new trail.

I find out this past Thursday night, by checking Twitter and James’ tweet and Trailhead activity by James Loghry and Mohith Shrivastava.


Despite being tired after coming home from dinner, being the total Trailhead addict that I am, my competitive side kicked in and I said to myself I’ll do a couple of hours of Trailhead so I’m not far behind these the guys. I blazed them trails until 12:30am on a “school night” and completed 5 of the 11. I completed the rest over the next two days to make the #102BadgersClub, but I digress…

Here are the 11 newest Trailhead modules...including three new trails: Accelerating Analytics with Wave Apps trail, Develop Apps with Heroku Enterprise trail and the Expand Your Reach with Communities trail. This rounds of the number of Trailhead modules to 102(!) with 2 retired and 24 different trails.


Let’s start off with the  and Where’s Astro? moduleThis is a fun module featuring cute video clips of the Salesforce Docs and Trailhead teams in helping find Trailhead’s beloved mascot Astro. In this module, you create an account with contacts and create a geolocation field on the contact object.


The Trailhead team is also running a limited time contest. Earn the Where’s Astro module before April 14, 2016 11:59pm PST when the contest closes for your chance to win the following:


Additionally, you can show your support for Astro via #WheresAstro and by donating your social profile photo.


Two new Trailhead modules Trust and Influence and Salesforce Ohana Culture join the Manage the Salesforce Way Trail. These aren’t modules that cover off on the features and functions of the Salesforce Platform but teaches us the Salesforce Great Manager Model and strategies for being a great manager.


The Trust and Influence module covers the importance as a leader of establishing trust to your business, evaluate how well you are building trust with your own team and the various techniques to use to build and maintain that trust over time.

In the Salesforce Ohana Culture module, we learn how Salesforce, as a company, lives Ohana very day. It is this culture that makes Salesforce a differentiator to its employees. In Hawaiian culture, Ohana represents the idea that families – blood-related, adopted, or intentional – are bound together, and that family members are responsible for one another. It’s apparent that Salesforce doesn’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk every day. This is evident by their commitment to community service in their 1:1:1 model, the actions by Marc Benioff to drive towards pay equality, commitment to equal opportunity and making the workplace more diverse, and equal rights for all, such as the recent activity by Marc Benioff against anti-LGBT bills. Diversity is evident in the images used in these modules as well. Much to be admired.


The new Accelerating Analytics with Wave Apps Trail comprises of three modules:


This trail is cool because Wave Analytics and the app are paid features so in the real world, you don’t have the opportunity to test drive the feature before making the purchase. Trailhead provides you with a Wave Analytics enabled DE org with ample test data for use with this Trailhead so you can play around with the Wave app.

  • In the Wave Apps Basics module, you learn about the Wave Analytics prebuilt apps, what they do and how you can customize them.
  • The Sales Wave App module steps through using your Sales Cloud data in prebuilt Sales Wave apps, mixing Salesforce and external data to get insights of your business.
  • The last module to round out the trail is the Basic Wave Dashboard Customization module. Here, you learn to take the wave dashboards to another level, how to add custom actions to wave dashboards and lens so users can take action like updating a record, embed Wave dashboards to record details, include filtering the these Wave dashboards, how to incorporate branding and further customization and lastly, applying security to a dataset to restrict access.



The new  intermediate developer Develop Apps with Heroku Enterprise trail consists of two modules:


  • The Heroku Enterprise Basics module steps through how to deploy your first Heroku app and explains what happens “under the hood” with Heroku Enterprise and how to get the most out of it.
  • The Salesforce & Heroku Integration module steps you through the different ways to integrate Heroku with Salesforce – using either Heroku Connect or Salesforce Connect (formerly known as Lightning Connect) – and using Salesforce REST APIs, Apex callouts and workflow (send outbound messages) with Heroku, and using Heroku to run Salesforce canvas apps.


For the beginner developer, there is a new module for you – ISV App Development. This new module joins the existing Build Apps as an ISV Partner trail.


This module walks you through how to develop, package and test your first ISV app. Note: The challenge does require that you create a partner account ( to get a partner DE org to create and manage ISV development orgs. While I am not an ISV partner, it was very interesting for me to understand what happens on the ISV partner side and have to say it was fun pretending to be an ISV partner, creating my own managed package to upload and then installing it in an actual DE org as I do with apps I get from the AppExchange.

There is a new Expand Your Reach with Communities trail which includes the Community Basics module along with 4 existing modules bundled into it.


The very first module about the Community Cloud! The Community Basics module provides an overview of the Community Cloud, how to define the audience of your community, how to set its goals to meet business goals and defining metrics to measure your community’s success. Looking forward to seeing more Community Cloud content in the future…


And lastly, our last module we’re going to cover…the Data Quality Module, a new edition to the Learn CRM Essentials trail.


Beginner admins learn the importance of data quality, how to use Salesforce data to support business objectives, ways to measure data quality via data quality dashboards and using Assessment App to check the health of your org’s data. The module also talks about establishing a data management plan with defined data standards to ensure ongoing data quality in your Salesforce org.

Now that you’ve read this blog post about the latest Trailhead modules, what’cha waiting for? Go to Trailhead now and get those badges!



Are you a Trailhead junkie like me and many others in the community? Is your name on the Unofficial Trailhead Leaderboard, managed by Adam Olshansky? If not, you need to get added and track your progress against your fellow community members.

Adam's Unofficial Trailhead Leaderboard

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2 thoughts on “Salesforce Launches 11 New Trailhead Modules. TH Mascot Astro is Missing

  1. Jen, another awesome post! Thanks for the lowdown on the new badges. Looks like there’s even some that a newbie like me can knock out!


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