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My 2016 Boston World Tour Experience

I was very excited for the Salesforce World Tour to come to my home town, Boston on 4/7.

If you follow me on Twitter or on LinkedIn, you know that the couple of weeks leading up to the 2016 Boston Salesforce World Tour, I was heavily promoting the Boston World Tour  and the presentations in the Admin Theater.

I love that Salesforce has brought the Trailhead Bootcamp experience on the road from Dreamforce ’15. Trailhead Zone comprises of the QuickStart section where event attendees can complete quickstart Trailhead modules and ask a question at the Ask the Experts booth to grab a prize at the Trading Post. Also, at the Trading Post, one can obtain the beloved free Salesforce printed materials. Based at each end of the Trailhead Zone is the Developer and Admin Theaters where sessions start at 8:30am and go through to 5:30pm.20160407_075255.jpg





I had first volunteered at the NYC Salesforce World Tour last year in October at the Ask the Experts booth and absolutely LOVED the experience. I had so, so many people come up to me telling me that their company just purchased Salesforce and now they are an admin and they don’t know what to do. Of course, I pointed them to Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning tool. It was great being able to help them out in the few minutes that we had so I knew I wanted to do this again in my own home town when the World Tour came around to Boston.

I signed up for the early shift of the Ask the Experts Customize Salesforce booth – 8-10 and 11:30-12:30. If you’ve never volunteered for a World Tour event, I highly recommend it. Get in contact with the leaders at your local User Group and they can let you know when the signup is available a few weeks prior to the WT. I feel it is a great way to pay it forward with the knowledge I had of Salesforce and interact with other admins. And don’t let it the title “Expert” intimidate you. Believe me, none of us are truly experts in the entire Salesforce platform. Like with the NYC WT, we also got a lot of first time Salesforce admins, or company just purchased Salesforce folks at the Boston World Tour. I was also gave a couple of admins advice on taking their Salesforce Administrator certification exam. Yup, at the Customize Salesforce Ask the Experts booth. LOL!


That’s MVP Steve Molis in action at the Customize Salesforce Ask the Experts booth.

I did have to short change my morning shift though and made my way to the auditorium with Kris Lande for the pre-show and Keynote activities. This year, the event was going to be really extra special for me. I had a part in the pre-show activities!


Here I am with Kris Lande waiting for the pre-show to begin.

I am SO TRULY HONORED to be recognized by Salesforce for my contributions to the community via social media, in the success community, via my blog, etc. with this year’s #AwesomeAdmin award at the Boston World Tour. It was great to have my fellow colleagues in the audience as well.

AwesomeAdminPresentation1.png AwesomeAdminAwardPresentation.png

Of course, right after that, my Twitter feed was lit throughout the day with congratulatory tweets from so many of my fellow Salesforce community friends…Thank you so much for the love! #CommunityLove











Here is a close up of the award…This is truly awesome!


I quickly grabbed some lunch in the Expo area and mentally prepared myself for my 1:30 presentation Process Builder is an #AwesomeAdmin’s Swiss Army Knife in the Admin Theater.

I walked through how to use Process Builder to declaratively solution Sales Cloud and Service Cloud use cases. Packed all that content into 20 minutes while trying to navigate this on the Mac (yup, I’m a Windows user). (Note: I will be posting the solution to these two use cases as separate posts in the next 2 weeks, so stay tuned!)



My colleague, James Casey, and I participated in the AppExchange for Everyone: Apps That Make a Huge Difference panel where we spoke about three apps: Snapshot, Docusign and Spanning. Can’t believe the AppExchange recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary!


And that wrapped up my World Tour duties for the day. So much fun, but boy, am I exhausted. It was jammed packed!

The other cool thing about the World Tour is just meeting up with people in the community.


Here with Jessica Langston, Manager of Developer Community Programs at Salesforce and new Spring 16 MVP, Kristi Guzman.


Steve Molis having a beer with Duncan Stewart.


This dog is having a great time with the Trailhead bear, Codey.


Hello, Steve Molis and Maria Belli!


Trailhead shenanigans with Saasy (nice hat!), Codey Bear, Kristi Guzman, Holly Palmer, Maria Belli and Chris Zullo


To catch the recordings from the Boston Salesforce World Tour, go to the links below to YouTube: