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Winter ’18 Salesforce Lightning Experience Only Highlights


The list of Winter ’18 features below only apply to the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

There are additional Winter ’18 features available to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Classic only. Visit the Winter ’18 Release Highlights post.

1. New UI look. If you don’t like the color contrast, you have the ability to hide the theme in Setup via Theme and Branding, choose Hide.


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2. Configure navigation rules to open related records in Console Apps. Currently, each object is setup as a workspace, you can now configure it via App Manager | Navigation Rules to show as a subtab of another object.


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3. Users have the ability to specify whether the column text will wrap by selecting “wrap text” on list views or keep it as crop text and resize columns. Additionally, on the Search Results page, users can specify the sort by.


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4. Administrators can find items quicker in Setup using the Enhanced Quick Find. Let’s say you are looking for a field called Status, you can now search it in Quick Find and select “Search all of Setup” to search all of setup.


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5. More options are available during lead conversion. Users can choose to create new or existing accounts, contacts, opportunities, specify the record owner, as well as whether to create a new task.


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6. Users can now merge person accounts in Lightning.

7. Administrators can configure forecast hierarchy and forecast settings. Users can view forecasts, see quota attainment information, access collaborative forecasts via the console and adjust product family forecasts.

8. Administrators can configure enterprise territory management and users can view the assigned territories related lists on accounts and change the assigned territory on the opportunity record.

9. Lightning Dialer users can customize their voicemail and specify the phone number that appears as the outgoing call number (their own or a company phone).

10. Activity Timeline enhancements:

  • View all past and archived activity on the Activity Timeline by selecting View All.
  • Filter activities that appear in the Activity Timeline by type and/or duration.ActivityTimeline.JPG

11. Save as and clone list views just like you can in Classic.

12. Perform mass inline edits up to 200 records from a list view.

13. Users can share calendars or view other user’s calendars in Salesforce. Depending on access granted by the owner, the user may have the ability to view details and create events on the user’s calendar.


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14. With Lightning Service setup flow, you can configure your community with drag and drop branding, add up to 25 topics for Lightning Knowledge, and configure a Web-to-case contact form.

15. Lightning Knowledge enhancements:

  • Multi-language orgs are now supported. Note: article management is still done in Classic.
  • Users can create articles from the Knowledge component added to the page using Lightning App Builder.
  • Embed videos and insert code blocks in your knowledge articles.
  • Using event monitoring, track Knowledge article views by user and by date.  
  • Configure external data sources and then attach external documents to cases.

16. Lightning App Builder enhancements:

  • Don’t get tied down with the standard Lightning page templates. Create your own! Define your own structure and components.
  • Dynamically display of components on a page by applying filters.


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  • Create a new lightning page by cloning an existing one
  • Send an instant message or video call via the Cisco Spark component.
  • Add Milestones to Case pages
  • In the Flow component’s properties panel, you can set values for your picklist and multi-select picklist flow variables.
  • (Beta) Launch a flow from an object action.

17. Email to Case: Use the recipient fields in the Email publisher action to associate emails to the case contact. Currently, when you send an email from a case, the email that is shown in the To address for the contact is the contact’s email address. When send, the email is not associated to the contact record, since the email address is a text field. With Winter 18, Salesforce has added To Recipients, CC Recipients, and BCC Recipients for you to use to associate to the contact record.

For new orgs enabling email-to-case, the To Recipients field will be created in the predefined value by default. For orgs using email-to-case prior to Winter 18, you need to make the following changes.


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18. Clone cases in Lightning like you do in Classic.

19. Add case comments directly from the Case Comments related list, just like you do in Classic.

20. Use Live Agent in Lightning: 

  • Add Live agent to your Lightning console via Lightning app builder.
  • Add the omni-channel utility and live chat transcripts. Note: Use Omni-Channel routing since Live Agent routing is not supported in Lightning.
  • The Live Chat Transcripts object home displays a list view of chat transcripts.
  • When a contact record is attached to the transcript, agents can look through previous chats. Agents can’t see any records attached to the previous chats, but they can read the full transcripts.
  • Live Agent feature gaps in Lightning.

21. Service agents can receive chats from Snap-ins Chat in the Lightning Service Console

22. (Beta) Lightning Report Builder

23. Show tables up to 10 columns using Reports & Dashboards | Enable Lightning Dashboard Tables (Beta). Then configure a dashboard component using table to show the columns.


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24. Enhanced folder sharing is now available. Not need to switch to Classic.

25. Embed dashboard components on the home page or lightning apps via Lightning App Builder

26. Several chart enhancements have been introduced.

27. You choose who can access a file in Lighting. Previously, all files on records were visible to everyone who has access to the record. Now you can select to make a file private and who to specifically share it with.

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  1. A wonderful summary, has really helped me digested the changes after attempting to go through the release notes myself


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