Catter is Back, New Ready for Dreamforce Trail & MOAR…

On Wednesday, August 10th, the Trailhead team released a new Ready for Dreamforce trail in preparation of #DF16, 11 modules (including the once retired Catter module) and 1 project. Hurray. #MOARBadgers! For those Trailblazers who missed out on the initial offering of the Catter module when it was released during a past April Fool’s Day, the Trailhead team… Continue reading Catter is Back, New Ready for Dreamforce Trail & MOAR…

How To

Process Builder – Service Cloud Use Case

You may have heard, Process Builder is an #AwesomeAdmin’s Swiss Army Knife. Why, you ask? Process builder allows Administrators the ability to chain individual process events together, eliminating the need for the multiple workflow rules we’re all used to, with immediate and scheduled actions, all in one place. In some cases, process builder can eliminate… Continue reading Process Builder – Service Cloud Use Case

Salesforce Release

Winter ’16 Release Highlights

Here are a few highlights of the upcoming Salesforce Winter ’16 release (Release Notes (PDF) are 399 pages!!). Grab a cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or whatever floats your boat and read these summary notes. Enjoy! Lightning Experience           Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard or know… Continue reading Winter ’16 Release Highlights