Dreamforce ’16 – An EPIC Event. #SalesforceOhana

Ok, I am slowly coming down from my Dreamforce ’16 high and going to sleep at 1am since my return. Four days is just not enough time to absorb all the great content and time with the Salesforce community. Who’s with me on this? So, last year, I published a blog post titled “Dreamforce ’15… Continue reading Dreamforce ’16 – An EPIC Event. #SalesforceOhana

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I Met HIM Tonight – 9/19/2016

So, when I recorded the ButtonClick Admin podcast two weeks ago with Mike Gerholdt and Gillian Madill to promote my #DF16 sessions and got to the Lightning Round, I thought to myself, whom would I name as the person I most want to meet at Dreamforce? I’ve met so many awesome people at DF last… Continue reading I Met HIM Tonight – 9/19/2016