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Join Me for Automation Hour…

If you like process automation or want to learn different use cases for Salesforce process automation, then you MUST attend Automation Hour with me and my co-hosts, Rakesh Gupta (Automation Champion himself) and David Litton. Here are our scheduled sessions…Click on the presenter’s name(s) to register for that specific session 10/14/16, 3-4pm ET: (Presenter) David Litton… Continue reading Join Me for Automation Hour…

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Join Us For the Salesforce Automation Hour!

We’re here!!! Join us (co-hosts Jennifer Lee, David Litton and Rakesh Gupta) on Sept 16 at 3-4pm ET as we kick off Salesforce Automation Hour!  In each session, we will demonstrate a cool process automation solution and then take your process automation questions via the community or ReadyTalk chat. To kick off our first session, our presenter… Continue reading Join Us For the Salesforce Automation Hour!

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This Happened Today – 7/26/2016

Overall, 2016 continues to be one great, big, awesome year. At the beginning of the year, I set and have been able to accomplish my 2016 goals. I also obtained recognition from Salesforce and the Salesforce community on my contributions to the Salesforce ecosystem. All these events and achievements have been truly awesome. I became 3X certified, adding… Continue reading This Happened Today – 7/26/2016