How To

Clone a Task/Log a Call for Multiple Accounts

Sometimes, a customer service rep (CSR) may service a person that is associated with multiple WhatIds (accounts, policies, opportunities, etc.) and when they create a task or log a call, they can only relate the task to one account, policy, opportunity, etc. There is no option to relate it to multiple things. Instead, they create the first log a call or task and relate it to the one account, policy, opportunity, etc. and then they clone the log a call/task and relate it to another account, policy, opportunity, etc. If there is another account, policy, opportunity, etc., they need to repeat the cloning step again. 

What if, we can make this more efficient for the CSR? 

What if, they can select the accounts, policies, opportunities, whatever they need to relate the task to on one screen and upon submit, it clones the tasks for each account, policy, opportunity, or whatever it is for them?

Mind blown!

Let’s delight those CSRs and increase their overall productivity so they can move onto the next customer.