Salesforce Release

Other Summer ’21 Highlights


The list of Summer ’21 features below apply to other Summer ’21 enhancements.

There are additional Summer ’21 features available to Salesforce Classic Only, Lightning Experience only, Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic, Salesforce Experience Enhancements, Mobile Enhancements, in the Summer ’21 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

  1. Tableau CRM Enhancements
  2. Knowledge Enhancements
  3. Salesforce Anywhere (Quip) Enhancements
  4. Salesforce Surveys Enhancements
  5. Salesforce Scheduler Enhancements
  6. Einstein Voice and Language Enhancements
  7. Einstein Discovery Enhancements
  8. Einstein Recommendation Builder Enhancements
  9. Einstein Bots Enhancements
  10. Sales Cloud Einstein Enhancements
  11. Einstein for Service Enhancements
  12. Salesforce Maps Enhancements
  13. Einstein Activity Capture Enhancements
  14. Dialer Enhancements
  15. Integration with Microsoft Enhancements
  16. Integration with Google Enhancements
  17. High Velocity Sales Enhancements
  18. Einstein Conversation Insights Enhancements
  19. Salesforce Meetings Enhancements
  20. Salesforce CMS Enhancements
  21. Workforce Engagement Enhancements
  22. Commerce Enhancements
  23. myTrailhead Enhancements
  24. Field Service Enhancements
  25. Industries Enhancements:
    1. Financial Services Cloud
    2. Health Care Cloud
    3. Consumer Goods Cloud
    4. Manufacturing Cloud
    5. Loyalty Management
    6. Rebate Management
    7. Sustainability
    8. Data Processing Engine
    9. Decision Table
    10. Batch Management
    11. Intelligent Form Reader
    12. Public Sector Solutions
  26. Marketing Enhancements
  27. Pardot Enhancements
  28. Revenue Enhancements

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