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Spring ’21 Mobile Highlights


The list of Spring ’21 features below apply to mobile enhancements.

There are additional Spring ’21 features available to Salesforce Classic only, Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic, Lightning Experience only, Salesforce Experience (Community) Enhancements, Other Enhancements in the Spring ’21 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

1. Dynamic actions are available for custom objects.

2. (Beta) Find records using natural language search in Lightning Experience and Salesforce for iOS. Enable Einstein Search org preference.

3. Use the mobile app to adjust forecasts. Previously, all mobile forecasts were read only.

4. Mobile App testing requirements have changed. View here for the list of iOS and Android devices used in testing for Spring ’21.

5. (Beta) Enable Mobile Home as the landing page for all iOS users. Go to Connected Apps | Manage Connected Apps, select Salesforce for iOS connected app. In the Custom attributes section, click New | ENABLE_MOBILE_HOME to true.

6. Use Salesforce Quick Navigation widget to get to items quickly from your home screen in iOS. Press and hold anywhere on the Home screen, Tap the + icon, search and select the Salesforce Quick Navigation widget.

7. Lightning Apps are shown by default.

8. Activity timeline is now available on Android for leads, opportunities, accounts and contacts.

9. Get search results from additional objects.

10. Changes in Apple’s Privacy Policy to place additional restrictions on 3rd party content may prevent custom web content from being displayed in the mobile app. View the release notes for more information.