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Northeast Dreamin’ 2020: Know When and How to Flow (& When Not To)

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at Northeast Dreamin’s Virtual Marathon 2020 along with 9 other local speakers.

I presented “Know When and How to Flow (& When Not To)

You know Flow Builder is a low code tool to automate your business processes. But you still don’t know which of the many available Flow features in the the flow(auto)mation toolkit to use in which scenario or when Flow is not the solution? You’re in luck! I’ll talk about when and how to use Flow to solve your automation requirements as well as when Flow is not the right tool to use.

S/O to Tim Peng, Director of Product Management at Salesforce, for the assist on the Platform Event flow use cases, along with Charlie Isaacs.

Thank you, Megan Pietruszka, for being my repeat session coach. You made this easy and fun. Thank you, Northeast Dreamin’, for having me back. Thank you to all the amazing sponsors for making this virtual conference possible.

I hope we can reconvene in person next year once this Covid craziness is done with. Until then wear a mask and stay safe everyone!

Access the Deck.