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Winter ’21 Salesforce Lightning Experience Highlights


The list of Winter ’21 features below apply to Salesforce Lightning Experience only.

There are additional Winter ’21 features available to Salesforce Classic only, Salesforce Lightning Experience and Classic, Community Enhancements, Mobile Enhancements, Other Enhancements in the Winter ’21 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

1. (Generally Available) Break Up Your Record Details with Dynamic Forms. To start using the feature on an existing record page, open it in Lightning App Builder, click Upgrade Now from the Record Detail properties pane to launch the Dynamic Forms migration wizard.

DynamicFormsView Image Full Screen

2. Have More Control Over Dynamic Actions on Your Record Pages: Generally Available for desktop and Beta for mobile for custom objects; Beta for desktop for supported standard objects (Account, Case, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity).

  • To enable dynamic actions for a custom object on desktop, in the Highlights Panel properties pane, click Upgrade Now.
  • To show the same actions on mobile as desktop, in the properties pane select Enable dynamic actions from the Highlights Panel for the Salesforce mobile app (Beta).
  • If you want different actions for mobile from desktop, in the Page properties pane, select Enable page-level dynamic actions for the Salesforce mobile app (Beta).
  • To enable dynamic actions for supported standard objects (Account, Case, Contact, Lead, or Opportunity) on the desktop, in the Highlights Panel properties pane, select Enable Dynamic Actions (Beta, desktop only).

DynamicActionsView Image Full Screen

3. Check out the performance of your Lightning Record Page (For Desktop Pages Only). To view the analysis of your page, click Analyze from the Lightning App Builder toolbar. It will evaluate fields, instances of the Related Lists component, and metadata of a record page.

AnalyzaAppBuilderView Image Full Screen

4. A new Multi-Factor Authentication Wizard will be available in Production orgs on a rolling basis from September 18 to October 17, 2020.MultiFactorAuthentication

5. Salesforce Surveys Enhancements:

  • Set conditions using survey data to control your page branching.
  • Personalize survey emails with merge fields. Note: Users would require the Salesforce Surveys Advanced Features permission, which comes with the Salesforce Feedback Management license.
  • Send out survey invitations to up to 300 participants using the new Connect REST API resource.
  • Survey invitations sent from the Survey Builder or automated processes will now respect email opt out preferences for contacts and leads.

6. Display the First 7 Fields in a Highlights Panel on a Record Page. Previously, you could only show first 5 from the compact page layout.

7. The Search Feature Has Been Removed from the Recycle Bin for performance reasons.

8. Optimizer App Enhancements:

  • Schedule the optimizer to run every month
  • Review the Org Metric History to see how actions taken have affected limits on your org’s file storage, static resources and data storage.
  • Evaluate 7 new metrics: Profile Assignments, Critical Permission Assignments, Release Updates Pending Review, Insecure Community Sharing Settings, Insecure Default External Access Levels, Sharing Rules for All External Users, and Public Groups and Queues with Guest Users

9. Case Management Enhancements:

  • New Email-to-Case Threading Behavior matches incoming emails with their header information instead of through a Ref ID from the subject or body. Existing orgs will get an upgrade path with an end-of-life notification for Ref ID. Until then, they are backward compatible with Ref ID.
  • Improve Agent Interactions with Prebuilt Flows: Create a Case, Password Reset and Validate Identity
  • Use Pre-Built Macros to Improve Agent Productivity. To Enable this, go to Support Settings in Setup, and turn on Show Closed Statuses in Case Status Field.
  • Boost Agent Productivity with Prebuilt Quicktexts. Just share the Sample Quick Texts 1 folder and give read access to those needing to access the quicktexts.
  • (Pilot) Service Reps can Collaborate with Salesforce and Microsoft Teams. Contact your AE to nominate you into the pilot.

10. Core Sales Enhancements:

  • [Unlimited Edition] In the Kanban View, Easily Identify Amount and Close Date Changes in Opportunities in the Last 7 Days. (1). Green text and arrows indicate amounts that increased and close dates that were pulled in (2). Hover over an arrow to see what changed, who changed it, and when (3). Enable this on the Opportunity Settings page in Setup, check the box for Show amounts that changed and/or Show close dates that changed.opportunity_deal_motion_end_user
  • Track More Information on Opportunity Product Records by Creating Object Relationships
  • Assign a Territory to an Opportunity on the New Opportunity Creation Page. Previously, you had to create the opportunity and then assign the territory.
  • Mobile Forecasting is Now Available for Android Users

11. (Generally Available on Lightning Experience and Beta for Mobile) Choose When to Show the Submit for Approval Action using Dynamic Action

12. Email Enhancements:

  • Schedule When to Send List Emails. 

ListEmailView Image Full Screen

  • Send and Receive Larger Emails Up To 35MB. This is increased from 25MB.
  • When Bounce Processing is Enabled, Bounce Alerts Now Appear for Both Contacts and Leads with the Same Email Address.

13.Reports & Dashboard Enhancements:

  • (Generally Available) Subscribe to Get Report Results Delivered by Email, Either with the Formatted Report or Details Only
  • (Beta) Auto Add Fields to Custom Report Types When Custom Fields Are Added To the Object. On the Reports and Dashboards Settings setup page, select Auto add new custom fields to custom report type layouts and Save.

14. Lightning Knowledge Enhancements:

  • Change Ownership of Published and Archived Versions When You Change a Draft Version’s Owner.
  • Mass Change the Owner on Draft Articles
  • Track Article Ownership Changes

15. Lightning Scheduler Enhancements:

  • Exercise Greater Control Over the Calendar Syncing Process by Writing Lightning Scheduler Appointments Directly to External Calendars via APIs
  • Embed Lightning Scheduler Flows in Lightning Record Pages
  • Use Customer Scheduling Policies in Your Lightning Scheduler Flows. Previously, all Lightning Scheduler flows use the Salesforce provided Default Appointment Scheduling Policy.
  • Bypass User Permission Issues by Running Your Lightning Scheduler Flow to Run in System Context With Sharing.

16. Einstein Search Enhancements:

  • (Generally Available) Get Personalized Einstein Search Results. Personalization in is available for Accounts, Cases, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities. Search results are based on the user’s recent activity, the geographic location where users work most often, and record ownership.
  • Enable Einstein Search in Setup. Select search options: personalization, actional instant results and natural language search. Note: Natural language search requires actionable instant results.


  • Einstein Search can find renamed objects.

17. (Previously Released Update) Prevent Consecutive API Navigation Calls in Visualforce Page. To be enforced in Spring ’21. In Visualforce pages, API navigation calls can be fired consecutively, which may have unwanted behavior. This update prevents this API navigation call pattern and will only fire the first navigation call.

18. (Add-On Subscription) (Generally Available) Use Security Center to Streamline Security Policy Monitoring. Note: This was formally called the Security Command Center. You can now view metrics for frozen users, connected apps, and 12 other new permission metrics.


19. Salesforce CMS Enhancements:

  • Serve CMS Content with a Content Delivery Network (CDN). You can use Akamai, or your own CDN. To create a public channel, open the CMS Channels page in the Salesforce CMS app, click Create Channel, and select Public Channel.
  • Import Content (Images and Documents) into a Workspace in Salesforce CMS Directly From a .Zip Archive
  • (Lightning Communities) Create a Knowledge Collection From a List View and Visualize the Collection with the Salesforce CMS Collection Component.
  • Add Content More Easily with the Enhanced Rich Text Editor. Previously, videos weren’t viewable in full screen.

20. Salesforce Connect Enhancements:

  • When URL Endpoint of Named Credential or External Data Source Using User Authentication is Edited, User Are Required to Re-Authentication Against Endpoint.
  • Salesforce Connect is HIPAA Compliant
  • All Ids Not Viewed After 365 Days are Deleted, Except Where an ID Mapping has Attached Customer Data.

21. You Can Manage Deleted Fields via a Button on the Fields & Relationships page.

22. In App Manager, You Can Now Choose Your Utility Bar Alignment. Default will show the bottom of the left side of the screen. Mirrored will show at the bottom of the right side of the screen.

UtilityBarView Image Full Screen

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  1. Thank you, Jenwlee. Do you know how the new email-to-case threading behavior works? I have tested in our sandbox and it works well, but I would like to understand in depth how Salesforce is doing it, since we have about 200 very active email-to-case routing addresses. It works well by just not adding the thread id to the email subject and body. It works even with the “Save Email Headers” setting disabled on the routing address.
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