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Summer ’20 Salesforce Lightning Experience Highlights


The list of Summer ’20 features below apply to Salesforce Lightning Experience only.

There are additional Summer ’20 features available to Salesforce Classic only, Salesforce Lightning Experience and Classic, Community Enhancements, Mobile Enhancements, Other Enhancements in the Summer ’20 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

1.Lightning App Builder Enhancements:

a. (Non-GA Preview) Configure record detail fields and sections into individual components inside Lightning App Builder, including giving you the ability to control the display using visibility rules and reduce the number of page layouts you need to maintain. To enable this, go to Record Page Settings and turn it on. Note: Dynamic Forms is available only for custom objects and isn’t supported on record pages that use pinned-region or custom page templates. Non-GA Preview means that this feature is for evaluation purposes only and is not for production use. To participate in this preview, you need to indicate that you have read all legal requirements and agree to participate by enabling it from this page.

Note: MVP Jodie Miners provides a fairly detailed assessment on dynamic forms in her video blog post.

DynamicFormsView image full screen

b. (Beta) Add dynamic actions to the highlights panel for custom objects. You can control the visibility of each action.

Note: MVP Jodie Miners provides a fairly detailed assessment on dynamic actions in her video blog post.

DynamicActionsView image full screen

2. (Generally Available) Full desktop version of Lightning Experience on your iPad using Safari.

3. Use Split View to work on multiple records in a list without having to toggle back and forth between the list and the record.

4. New Optimizer App within Salesforce allows you to view issues in a list view format with a link to the applicable setup page to action on the issue. Previously, this information was only provided in English in PDF format.

5. The new In-App Guidance Builder provides an easier, more intuitive UI to create prompts and walkthroughs.

InAppGuidanceView image full screen

a. Create up to 500 custom walkthroughs (series of up to 10 connected prompts) to your users by subscribing to MyTrailhead. See GIF above. A free 30-day trial is available via the Start Walkthrough Trial button on the In-App Guidance page. Note: Contact your Salesforce account executive for pricing information.

b. Move the location of prompts on a page. Make it a different page location for a prompt that applies to multiple objects or just simply move the location of an existing prompt.

c. Users can move a floating prompt so it no longer obstructs part of the page.

6. Salesforce Survey Enhancements:

a. Collect customer feedback post chat with Salesforce surveys. Note: To select post-chat survey in an Embedded Service deployment, you need a Salesforce Surveys Advanced Features permission, which is available with the Customer Lifecycle Designer license.

b. Use customer lifecycle maps to collect information from the customer throughout various stages in that customer’s relationship with the company. Note: To create a map, users need the Salesforce Surveys Advanced Features permission, available with the Customer Lifecycle Designer license.

7. Lightning Scheduler Enhancements:

a. Customers or guest users can schedule appointments without an assigned resource. Automatic service resource assignment will occur based on the selected time slot.

b. Use the Available Territory Slots API to get available appointment slots of service resources.

8. Hyperlinks in formula fields are now opening correctly. The critical update is enforced in Summer ’20 starting June 12, 2020 when the instance is upgraded to Summer ’20. Previously, the target value was ignored.

9. Einstein Search Enhancements:

a. (Beta) Enable Einstein Search: Provide personal, natural and actionable search to your users.

b. (Beta) Use natural language search on accounts, cases, contacts, leads and opportunities, such as “my closed cases last year.” Note: This requires the Einstein Search permission set.

c. (Beta) Turn on Einstein Search Personalization even though Platform Encryption is enabled.

10. Set up Big Deal Alerts in Lightning. You don’t need to switch to Classic any longer.

11. Enable Orders without Price Books. Note: This is available to users with the following B2B licenses (B2B Commerce, B2B Commerce Starter, B2B Commerce Growth or B2B Commerce Plus)

12. Assign task to queues using quick actions on record pages or global actions. 

AssignTaskToQueuesFromQAandGlobalActionsView image full screen

13. Customize the language of the consent reminder for Lightning Dialer. Note: Lightning Dialer is available for an additional cost.

14. View the path configured fields on a Kanban view.


15. Omni-Channel enhancements:

a. (Generally Available) Determine Agent capacity based on the status of the work item via Omni-Channel.

b. Ability to prioritize additional routing skills created either via attribute setup or apex. You can also specify the order of these new skills.

c. Agents can use the updated Related Record component to find data two levels up from the current record. Previously, agents could only lookup a record one level from the current record.

16. Report and Dashboard Enhancements:

a. You can now filter knowledge reports by category.

b. (Beta) Receive a csv file in your subscription report email. When selecting to attach a file, choose Details Only. By default, the format is csv.

c. Limit on number of unique fields a report row-level formula can reference is 5. Previously, this limit was at 3.

17. (Generally Available) You can now choose between two record page view default options: Grouped view or Full view. Full view is new with Summer ’20, which is equivalent to the view in Salesforce Classic. Note: For performance reasons, the full view is not available if there are more than 50 fields, has more than 12 related lists and inline visualforce components.

18. Open hyperlinks in formula fields correctly. Will be enforced when sandboxes and production orgs are upgraded to Summer ’20 starting June 12, 2020.

19. Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition is being retired, to be replaced with Lightning Flow.

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