Salesforce Release

Spring ’20 Community Highlights


The list of Spring ’20 features below apply to Community enhancements.

There are additional Spring ’20 features available to Salesforce Classic only, Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic, Lightning Experience only, Mobile Enhancements, Other Enhancements in the Spring ’20 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

  1. Community users with a Partner Community or Customer Community Plus licenses can now create, delete and edit reports in the community.
  2. Reorder sections of the page with drag and drop.
  3. Specify a page name for your Lightning community pages for use with navigation.
  4. Ability to customize the account and opportunity team related lists.
  5. Improved round trip experience between full feed and feed item detail. It no longer takes you to the top of the full feed when hitting back from the feed item detail.
  6. Add the Record Related List component to your Help Center template.
  7. Update and deploy Lightning Communities using ExperienceBundle metatdata type with your preferred development tool. Previously, three metadata types: Network, CustomSite and SiteDotCom defined a community. SiteDotCom was a file which was not human readable.
  8. (Developer Preview) Build Community Experiences with new LWC Based Template. The Build Your Own (LWC) template is currently only available as a developer preview in Developer orgs. This template supports both Aura and Lightning Web components and speeds up page performance up to 3 times faster.
  9. Use Relaxed CSP in Communities. Use lightningCommunity__RelaxedCSP in Lightning components to allow components to run where the community has Lightning Locker disabled.
  10. Guest User Sharing:
    • (Security Enforced on 3/1/2020) Secure Guest Users’ Org-Wide Defaults and Sharing Model. A private OWD for guest users will be enforced. To open access, you need to implement guest user sharing rules before the security alert is enforced.
    • (Security Alert) Permissions Restricted on Objects for Guest User Profiles Created Summer ’20 and Beyond. Guest users cannot update Survey Responses, update/delete Orders, Contracts and custom objects. View All Data and Modify All Data can no longer be granted as well on these objects.
    • (Previously Released Security Alert) Permissions Removed from Guest User: View All Users, Enable UI Tier Architecture, Remove People from Direct Messages, Can Approve Feed Post, View Topics and Send Non-Commercial Email. Note: For orgs created before Winter ’20, you need to remove View All Users from your guest user profiles.
    • (Previously Released Security Alert) Automatically Assign Records Created by Guest Users to Default Owner. When a guest user creates a record, their record will be assigned to a default active user in the org. Note that this may impact the guest user’s ability to access records.
    • Permissions Retired on the Guest User Profile:
      • ShareInternalArticles (Share internal Knowledge articles externally)
      • HideReadByList (Hide the Seen By List)
      • RecordVisibilityAPI (Enable RecordVisibility API)
      • AssignTopics (Assign Topics)
      • CanVerifyComment (Verify Answers to Chatter Questions)
      • CloseConversations (Close Conversation Threads)
      • EditTopics (Edit Topics)
      • CreateTopics (Create Topics)
      • DeleteTopics (Delete Topics)
      • MergeTopics (Merge Topics)
      • PrivacyDataAccess (Allow user to access privacy data)
      • ModifyDataClassification (Modify Data Classification)
      • UseAnyApiClient (Use Any API Client)
      • CanApproveFeedPost (Can Approve Feed Post and Comments

11. Sharing and Security Enhancements:

    • Community users can log into the community with their Apple ID.
    • Verify Your Community Domain from the Domains Setup page.
    • Turn Lightning Locker On and Off in Setup. Go to Settings | Security | Content Security Policy (CSP)
    • Limit API Access to Community and Portal Users with a New API Access Control Setting. Please contact Salesforce Customer Support to enable this for your org.
    • External Access Available For Leads and Campaigns.
    • Hide Fields from External User Access on User Records. In Setup, go to User Management Settings and enable “Hide Personal Information.” The affected fields are:
      • Alias
      • EmployeeNumber
      • FederationIdentifier
      • SenderEmail
      • Signature
      • Username
      • Division
      • Title
      • Department
      • Extension

12. (Beta) External Account Hierarchy. Partner Community and Customer Community Plus license users can now view records of other users using the account hierarchy.

13. Assign a User to the Delegated External User Administrator Permission Via Perm Set.

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