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January 10th Automation Hour: ‘Work Smart, Not Hard. Build Modularized/Componentized Flows’ – RECORDING


Happy New Year!

Hope you were able to take time off during the holidays to be with family, friends and to rejuvenate and re-energize for 2020.

“I want to build the same thing over and over.” or “I want to maintain the same thing multiple times.” says no one EVER.

Start off the new year by investing time to build smarter flow designs that are more modular/componentized, thus decreasing overall maintenance time while making flows re-usable in your org. 

In this session, I talked about building smarter automation designs by building modularized/componentized flows. Build it once. Maintain it once. Reuse it multiple times. I covered 4 use cases where I build a modularized flow. You can do it too.