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Summer ’19 Salesforce Lightning Experience Highlights


The list of Summer ’19 features below apply to Salesforce Lightning Experience only.

There are additional Summer ’19 features available to Salesforce Classic onlySalesforce Lightning Experience and ClassicLightning Community EnhancementsOther Enhancements in the Summer ’19 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

1.(Beta) Access Lightning Experience from Safari on iPad Devices: Users can run the full desktop version of Lightning Experience on their iPad. To enable this feature, in setup, search for Lightning Experience on iPad Browsers.


2. Further filter list views by picklist values. Now, you can further filter list view records by searching on picklist values.


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3. Related lists can show up to 10 columns. Select “Enhanced List” when configuring the Related List attributes.


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4. You can further filter on the records within a related list.


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5. (Beta) Configure the custom Lightning Scheduler flow screens for different devices: small (phone), medium (tablet), or large (desktop).

6. Survey Enhancements:

A. Send Surveys for Free: Enable surveys in your org and and assign a user to one of the profiles (contract manager, marketing user, standard user and system administrator). The users can create and send surveys.

B. Receive 300 survey responses for free. Then, purchase an add-on response pack based on the number of survey responses you receive.

C. Surveys more readable in mobile devices.

7. Set hyperlinks to brand color: In Setup | Themes and Brading, update an existing custom theme or create a new one, check “Use brand color” for link color.

8. (Beta) Change the record page format to a record page with full view (which is exactly like Classic). Honestly, not sure why anyone would choose that when transitioning to Lightning) or the group view (Lightning view) and you can configure the view for Activities, going back to the Classic activities view (open activities and activity history) versus the Activity timeline. To change this to take on the classic view, go to Setup | Record Page Settings.


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9. Manage sales quotas on the new Forecasts Quotas page in Setup. No more data loader and API.

10. Manage Enterprise Territory Management objects in Lightning Experience setup. No need to switch back to Classic.

11. Celebrate path milestones with confetti. You can now configure the frequency of the celebration as well.


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12. Edit assign territories within Lightning Experience. No more switching back to Classic.

13. Manage Partner Relationships in Lightning Experience by adding the Partners related list to maintain partner relationships between opportunities and business or person accounts.

14. Manage Queue and Skill Assignments for Your Agents in Omni-Channel Supervisor.

15. Add Next Best Action recommendations along with Next Best Action strategies by creating an Action & Recommendations deployment, selecting strategies and configuring the recommendations to be shown.

16. Use Quick Actions from the Actions & Recommendations Component for Next Best Action.

17. Add Actions & Recommendations to more objects (Products, Orders and custom objects).

18. (Beta) Merge cases into a single case record from the case list view using the “Merge Cases” button or from a case record and add the other cases to merge. Most related lists, feed items and child records will be merged into the surviving case record.

19. In the Case’s Files related list, there is a source field that indicates which email the file is associated to. Previously, the files appeared in Attachments with no context. You can now get rid of the Attachments related list.


20. When files are related to a case or attached in an email, when the Agent clicks on Add Files, you can see the files under Related Files.

21. Filter and search for events using a list view, rather than scroll the calendar view.

22. Reps can create event series from any quick action (QA), when the Repeat field is added to the QA layout.

23. Add the Case Milestones related list to your case page layouts.

24. Use conditional logic IF, ELSEIF and ELSE expressions in your macros.


25. Search the body of all quick texts and not just the quick text title.

26. Invocable actions are categorized in addition to type for use in flow.

27. Embed Quip documents in Service Cloud. Note: Requires a Quip Enterprise Plan.

28. Reports and Dashboards Enhancements:

A. (Beta) Evaluate each row in reports with row level formulas. No more creating one-off custom formula fields!

B. (GA) Add conditional formatting to summary or matrix reports

C. You can now search for data within a tabular, summary or matrix report and the results will be highlighted and the results counted.


D. Sort dashboard components by named group or measure. Components also now support two-level of sorting.

E. Show Subtotals on First-Level Groups in Lightning Tables

29. Einstein Next Best Action enhancements

30. (Access to messaging via Digital Engagement add-on) Channel Messaging Enhancements:

A. Set up a Sensitive Data Rule using regex that will remove or replace sensitive data or profanity.

B. Agents can jump to new messages, see a warning message if there are conversations the agent does not have access to, load previous chat comments once an agent joins a conference and the ability to return to a selected conversation.

C. New ability to add quick text into chats.

D. You now have the ability to encrypt the chat transcripts with Platform Encryption

E. (Pilot) Communicate with your customers using WeChat.

F. Communicate with your customers using Apple Business Chat message app or iMessage.

31. Ability to approve and reject multiple posts at once from the Social Post list view.

32. Knowledge Enhancements:

A. Ability to make inline editing for article drafts.

B. Ability to build custom report types between Knowledge, Knowledge Articles, Knowledge Article Versions and the Case objects.

C. Add the Knowledge Articles component to any Lightning object record page.

D. Ability to copy and paste images into Knowledge articles.

E. Ability to insert the Knowledge article URL into an email. (Note: In Knowledge settings, the Admin can enable “Allow users to share articles via public URLs.”)

F. Manage your Knowledge actions in Lightning Experience, no need to switch to Classic.

G. Create Knowledge actions and global quick actions from nearly anywhere in Salesforce.

H. Ability to create master-detail relationships, cascade deletes and create a new Knowledge article from a lookup when creating a related record.

33. Omni-Channel Enhancements:

A. (Beta) Use clicks, not code to configure Skills-Based Routing using Attribute-Based Routing.

B. Specify which routing skills are considered additional skills.

C. Use the Change Queues and Change Skills buttons to change the queue or skills assignments, respectively.


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