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Summer ’19 Salesforce Classic Highlights


The list of Summer ’19 features below apply to Salesforce Classic.

There are additional Summer ’19 features available to Salesforce Lightning Experience and Classic, Lightning Experience only, Lightning Community EnhancementsOther Enhancements in the Summer ’19 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

1. Turn on Lightning Experience (previously a critical update): Salesforce will start the auto-activation to Lightning Experience on October 12, 2019. Users working in Salesforce Classic will be switched to Lightning Experience on a weekly basis. However, users can switch between Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience from the user profile menu or via a link to switch to Lightning Experience in the header. Users impacted: all users assigned to Standard profiles, custom profiles with the Lightning Experience permission enabled and all users assigned to permission sets with the Lightning Experience permission enabled.

2. Lightning Transition Experience Assistant:  Use this new tool that walks you through the key activities by phase, from evaluating readiness and building the business case in the Discover Phase to making changes to existing customizations and preparing users for the change during the Roll Out Phase to motivating users and turning off Salesforce Classic in the Optimize Phase.


3. Find the same items in the Lightning Migration Assistant in the Lightning Experience Transition Assistant.


4. As of October 12, 2019, once you turn on Lightning, you can no longer turn it off.

5. Lightning Readiness report how includes a new section on Report Builder.

6. Use the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter ( with your sandbox or Dev org credentials and run it for Visualforce pages for Lightning Readiness. Results are shown in list views based on user profile, recent usage and prioritized by highest user impact and lowest level of effort. Add Lightning Stylesheets with a button click. If there are changes more complex, the Configuration Converter provides instructions for manual fixes. Make changes in a sandbox and migrate to Production.


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7. Admins can turn off Lightning Transition Reminders in Setup | User Interface, select Disable the “Meet the Transition Assistant” and “Lightning Turns On Soon” admin reminders in Lightning Experience.

8. In-App GuidanceProvide prompts to users to call out specific features or train your users. You determine whether the prompt is docked or floats, what location, shown to everyone or people with specific permissions, schedule the prompt and determine how many times it is shown to the end user. Watch the video.

9. The letterheads created in Classic have been renamed to Classic Letterheads.

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