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Summer ’19 Lightning Community Highlights


The list of Summer ’19 features below apply to Community enhancements.

There are additional Summer ’19 features available to Salesforce Classic onlySalesforce Lightning Experience and ClassicLightning Experience onlyOther Enhancements in the Summer ’19 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

1.(Beta) Introduction of a new Salesforce CMS. This is available automatically to all Communities Cloud customers.

2. Delegated admins can create, disable and view external users from the contact record. They do not need to go into Setup.


3. You can set variable inputs for your flows on the Flow page in Community Builder. Example: [Note: You must use the straight quotes.]

A. /s/flow/flowName?flowArguments=[{“label”:”variable1Name”,”dataType”:”String”,”value”:”value1″},

B. {“label”:”variable2Name”,”dataType”:”String”,”value”:”value2″}]

4. Community Builder is no longer supported in IE 11. You can still view Lightning Communities in IE11.

5. (Beta) The new Report Builder allows external users to create and delete reports from their community. Note: Contact Salesforce Customer Support to enable.

6. Quick Actions available in Cases.

7. Global Quick Actions are available.

8 Mass Quick Actions are available.

9. Custom task list views are now supported in Lightning communities.

10. Community users can schedule appointments fast with Lightning Scheduler.

11. Display options (pin, inline edit, show list actions, show list search, display as table or Kanban) have been enhanced for list views.

12. navigateToURL and URL fragment passed as an argument work the same in Communities as in Lightning Experience.

13. Communities created after Summer 19 with new provisioned licenses will have standard external profiles with minimal object permission.

14. Grant lead access to portal and communities using sharing sets

15. Increased password complexity for communities: include at least three of the following in their passwords: one number, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one special character (! ” # $ % & ‘ ( ) * + , – . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~).

16. (Applies to Lightning and Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce communities) Number of failed community logins are available on the external user’s detail page. When the maximum number of logins is reached, the user can be unlocked from the user detail page.

17. (Critical Update, Enforced) Enables External Sharing Model for communities or portals

18. (Critical Update) Starting October 25, 2019, all inbound connections to and outbound connections from communities, sites and portals must use TLS 1.2. All communities enabled after that date will require TLS 1.2.

19. (Critical Update) Disable API enabled user permission default for standard and cloned external profiles. If you need API enabled for your external users, either clone a standard external profile, enable the permission and assign users to the new cloned profile, re-enable the permission on the cloned external profile or add a permission set with the permission and assign it to the external users.

20. Path is now available for Leads in the Salesforce App

21. You can now add static resources to the CORS whitelist

22. Number of roles for communities and portals has increased from 5K to 50K. Number of person account portal users a Salesforce user can own has increased from 10K to 50K.

2 thoughts on “Summer ’19 Lightning Community Highlights

  1. Hi, thanks for a great summary that is actually more detailed then the others I have read so far. Regarding the “set variable inputs for your flows on the Flow page in Community Builder”, do you know if there is any way of doing something similar to the embedded flow that you put on the website?


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