Salesforce Release

Other Summer ’19 Highlights


The list of Summer ’19 features below apply to other Summer ’19 enhancements.

There are additional Spring ’19 features available to Salesforce Classic OnlyLightning Experience onlyboth Lighting Experience and Classic, Lightning Community Enhancements in the Summer ’19 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

  1. New Features available in the Salesforce App
  2. MyTrailhead is now available for an extra cost. You can use MyTrailhead for continuous learning within your own company. Employees can earn badges and points.
  3. Salesforce Essentials Enhancements
  4. Salesforce Einstein Enhancements
  5. High Velocity Sales Enhancements
  6. Sales Cloud Einstein Enhancements
  7. Einstein Activity Capture Enhancements
  8. Gmail Integration Enhancements
  9. Outlook Integration Enhancements
  10. CPQ Enhancements
  11. Pardot Enhancements
  12. Einstein for Service Enhancements
  13. Field Service Enhancements
  14. Einstein Analytics Enhancements
  15. New Scratch Org Features
  16. Financial Services Cloud Enhancements
  17. Health Cloud Enhancements

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