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Spring ’19 Salesforce Lightning Experience Highlights


The list of Spring ’19 features below apply to Salesforce Lightning Experience only.

There are additional Spring ’19 features available to Salesforce Classic onlySalesforce Lightning Experience and ClassicCommunity EnhancementsOther Enhancements in the Spring ’19 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

1.Salesforce solicits feedback randomly to a subset of users in an org. Starting March 2019, a feedback form now appears in Lightning Experience to hear from more users, appearing at the bottom of the app. Admins can disable the form.

2. Lightning Web Components are Generally Available. Lightning web components are custom HTML elements built using HTML and modern JavaScript. They can co-exist with Aura Components (formerly known as Lightning Components). For more information about LWC, access the release notes.

3. Remove the account team and opportunity team in one click instead of one at a time.



4. Now, when you transfer account ownership, you have additional options of what you want done just to open opportunities and open cases, or to all opportunities or cases.


5. You can now pin a list as your default list view instead of having it default to the Recently Viewed. Just navigate to the list view and pin it.


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6. You can now print pages in Lightning for account, campaign, case, contact, contract, lead, opportunity, order and custom objects! From a Lightning record page, click on the Printable View button. It will show the details expanded and collapsed depending on the visibility of the record page.


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7. (Critical Update) In lightning console apps, there is now the ability to pop-out most standard utilities into its own window. Review the release notes for the standard utilities.


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8. Subtabs in the console app gets some love. If a rep needs more space than a subtab, a rep can set a subtab as a workspace tab, refresh tab, etc.


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9. You can now specify a two region page template for console apps.

10. Add Lightning Web Components to your utility bar by adding lightning_UtilityBar target to the lighting Web component’s meta configuration.

11. (Critical Update) Lightning Experience Honors Target Values for Hyperlinks in formula fields. This CU is enabled in Summer ’19 on 5/17. Prior to the CU, Lightning ignore the target value when opening a hyperlink.

12. Email Enhancements:

  • You can now store email templates into nested folders beyond the Private and Public folders
  • Set access to email templates based on the folder it is stored in.

13. Your reps can quickly complete tasks in a button click. Your reps can also re-open a completed task.


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14. Calendar enhancements:

  • The ability to schedule recurring event series is generally available. Users can view, schedule and update events in a public calendar without switching to Salesforce Classic.
  • Assign resources to events. In Setup, create a resource calendar. Then add Attendees to the Event page layout.


  • Reps can add Salesforce users, contacts, person accounts, and leads to their events without using Lightning Sync. Just add the Attendees field to the Event page layout.


  • Users of Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox can print up to 12 hours of events in a week view or an entire month from the calendar view.
  • If file(s) is/are associated to an event, anyone with access to the event can view the files.

15. Survey enhancements:

  • Translate your surveys in more than 10 languages
  • Use two new questions. The Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) question type helps you assess your customers’ loyalty for your products and services. The Ranking question type helps you gauge your participants’ preferences from a list of choices.

16. Forecasting enhancements:

  • Sales teams can forecast product family revenue by sales territory. This includes teams who use Collaborative Forecasts.
  • Forecast managers can share their territory forecasts with any Salesforce user. This includes teams who use Collaborative Forecasts.
  • Add sales reps to groups and queues based on territory assignment.


17. Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool (Generally Available) – Now, you can use a tool to migrate your Salesforce Knowledge to Lightning Knowledge. You will need to contact Salesforce Support to enable this and test out the migration in a full copy sandbox prior to enabling the migration in Production.

18. Lightning Knowledge enhancements:

  • In Lightning, you can now manage Knowledge articles with Add the Restore, Edit as Draft, and Archive buttons.
  • Use the Insert Article to Email Action to attach Knowledge article files from the related list.

19. Community users can now request contact, which allows them to provide information on the issue and request an agent to call them back to provide support.

20. Agents have the ability to pop-out their softphone utility into its own window.

21. Use relative dates in macros. Select Relative for date and time fields and specify the value and duration.

22. Ability to select Add Close Tab Instruction in a macro to close the tab after the macro is completed.

23. You now have the ability to have agents send email drafts to approvers when they’re communicating with customers.

24. Ability to view a case hierarchy when working cases.

25. Ability to view case contact roles.

26. You can now get a quick view of up to 8 key metrics in a report in the Lightning Experience report header. Additionally, column headers are now sticky.

27. Resize report column widths in Lightning Experience report builder and the run page.

28. Ability to switch between 12- to 9-column for Dashboard width sizes.

29. You can now create one row by one column (1×1) components on your dashboard.

30. Ability to set up group or role subscriptions to reports or dashboards so your lists remain current when users are added or removed from a group or role.

31. You can now add hyperlinks in a Chatter post and comment.

32. Organize your asset library files into folders.

33. Create a Flow to Let Community Users Request Help: Using a flow solution, let community users request your support reps call them back. Use the new Contact Request Flow type and the Create Customer Contact Request action when creating your flow.

34. Switch Your Lightning Page to a Different Template. This is huge. Have you ever created a lightning record page only to find out that it is better with a different template design and you had to re-create the page from scratch in the new template? Now, you can change the template and specify where the existing components should move to.


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35. (Beta) Get Things Right with Right-to-Left Languages: For Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu customers, columns and sidebars flow from right to left, and text is aligned appropriately.

36. Create Objects from Spreadsheets: Create a custom object by importing its fields and field data from a Google sheet, a Quip spreadsheet, an Excel file (.xls or .csv format). This can be done from the Navigation Items tab inside a Lightning app in Lightning App Builder. Edit a Lightning app, access the Navigation Items tab, then click the “Create” button at the top of the Available Items list.


37. Assign Default Home Pages Based on the Lightning App

38. When you platform encrypt the Event Description field, your event series also becomes encrypted.

39. Visualforce Enhancements: Show a Toast with a New JavaScript Function using the function.

40. Lightning Components: Navigate to a URL with the standard__webPage Page Reference Type: The standard__webPage type replaces the force:navigateToURL event. Refer to pageReference Types in the Spring ’19 Lightning Components Developer Guide for more information.

41. Reference Asset Files with the $ContentAsset Global Value Provider: Rather than reference files using long file paths or URLs, you can now reference a specific asset file in component using $ContentAsset.assetDeveloperName or for orgs with a namespace, $ContentAsset.yourNamespace__assetName.

5 thoughts on “Spring ’19 Salesforce Lightning Experience Highlights

  1. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for summarizing key features from the Spring release.

    RE emails – we’ve also made it easier to be GDPR and anti-spam compliant as well. Users will now see a warning when sending emails to recipients who have opted out of commercial emails. It’s also possible to block certain users from sending emails to those recipients as well. Finally – we also support additional privacy settings like Don’t Track, Don’t Process, etc. as well.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Jen. I reached out to Salesforce Support because we want to disable #1 on this blog:
    1.Salesforce solicits feedback randomly to a subset of users in an org. Starting March 2019, a feedback form now appears in Lightning Experience to hear from more users, appearing at the bottom of the app. Admins can disable the form.

    Support says they don’t know anything about this. Where did you get that information, so I can route them accordingly?

    Thank you,


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