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Spring ’19 Community Highlights


The list of Spring ’19 features below apply to Community enhancements.

There are additional Spring ’19 features available to Salesforce Classic onlySalesforce Lightning Experience and ClassicLightning Experience onlyOther Enhancements in the Spring ’19 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

  1. You now have the ability to move a feed item’s comments, answers, and replies to another group in Lightning Communities.
  2. Ability to use Lightning Web components in Lightning Communities
  3. Ability to specify on a record list whether to allow for inline editing, show or hide the actions buttons, and show or hide the search bar.
  4. Ability to create custom audience formulas.
  5. Partner Communities (Lightning Communities and Salesforce visualforce and tabs): Create sharing relationships between partner accounts to sharing certain information. Channel account managers use account relationship data sharing rules and account relationships to determine what information is shown and to whom.
  6. Partner Communities (Lightning Communities): Channel account manager can update the partner account field on an opportunity or lead to reflect who is working on them.
  7. Partner Communities (Lightning Communities): Admins and internal users can view and manage community members from an account.
  8. You can now give portal or community users access to campaigns, opportunities, and orders using sharing sets.
  9. You can now create a community or portal user from a contact that is associated with multiple accounts.
  10. (Critical Update) Enable External Org-Wide Defaults in Orgs with Communities or Portals: Enable an External Sharing Model that allows you to specify a more restrictive object sharing model for external users
  11. Salesforce has implemented strict Content Security Policy (CSP) blocks inline scripts from running in your site (Lightning Community).
  12. Look in the new CSP Errors section in the Security tab of Community Builder to find the resources that are conflicting with your Lightning community’s Content Security Policy (CSP) settings.CSP.GIF
  13. Restrict Community User Access to Cases (Generally Available): You can disable the standard sharing behavior that grants case access to the the assigned contact and the contact’s role hierarchy and instead grant access via manual sharing or apex sharing.
  14. Preview your community as an unauthenticated user in addition to viewing it as an authenticated user.
  15. Set the iframeDomain Cookie in Sites and Communities in Internet Explorer: if the _iframeDomain variable isn’t present in Internet Explorer, iframes are allowed on the whitelisted URL domain set in the iframeDomain cookie.
  16. Postponed the auto-activation of the critical update to “Remove Instance Names from URLs for Visualforce, Community Builder, Studio, and Content Files” from Spring 19 to Winter ‘20.
  17. By default, guest users are prohibited from uploading files. However, once you develop components to allow for this, you can change a setting to allow guest users to upload files.
  18. Use Snap-ins to allow unauthenticated users to use flows.

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