Salesforce Release

Winter ’19 Community Highlights


The list of Winter ’19 features below apply to Community enhancements.

There are additional Winter ’19 features available to Salesforce Classic onlySalesforce Lightning Experience and ClassicLightning Experience only, Other Enhancements in the Winter ’19 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

  1. Use the Preview as a Guest User option under Preview to view your site as an unauthenticated user (as long as you have at least one public page in your community) Feature was removed from the release.
  2. Update your community to the latest template if you created your community in Spring 18 or earlier. You will see an update flag in Community Builder. Prior to updating your community, check out the Update Your Community page which explains how the update can impact your community.
  3. [BETA] Manage community content with CMS for Community Cloud through the new Content Management tile.
  4. Ability to better define the target members in your audience with the option to choose OR instead of AND, along with operators (equals, not equals, contains, does not contain).
  5. Ability to export a theme from a community
  6. Admins can change the base URL (the community page addresses), excluding Home, Login and Error.
  7. When updating head markup, you will receive immediate feedback if certain tags are not permitted or if there are issues with the code before you save the changes.
  8. Community users can have threaded discussions, with up to three levels of replies. There is also the ability to block the deletion of any feed item with a nested thread underneath it.
  9. Guest users can access flows on community pages.
  10. Rich Publisher Apps are available in a community feed on the mobile device.
  11. Community members can assign topics to records.
  12. Two new case global actions: one for authenticated users and another for guest users.
  13. Share multiple files by creating public links to folders.
  14. [BETA] Ability to use sharing sets with contacts with multiple accounts
  15. [BETA] Grant portal or community user access for campaigns, opportunities and orders with sharing sets.
  16. Using the Login Discovery feature, allow users to log into the community with their email address, phone or any identifier you select along with a code that is sent to their email or mobile device. If your org is configured for multiple Identity Providers (IdPs), users bypass the verification for a one-step login process.
  17. Internal users can access the community through an external authentication provider.
  18. Update an owner for up to 200 lead, case or custom object records at one time.
  19. The Manage Customer User permission has been removed from all standard profiles. To grant access to standard profiles, assign a permission set with the Manage Customer User permission. To add this to custom profiles, assign a permission set with the Manage Customer User permission or manually enable the Manage Customer User permission.
  20. Customize your community login page with a branded background image.
  21. Customize the one time password email template.
  22. Purchase an add-on license for all external user licenses to enable Communities and External Identity customers to send text messages to their users for identity verification purposes.

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