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Summer ’18 Salesforce Lightning Experience Only Highlights

Summer18LogoThe list of Summer ’18 features below only apply to the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

There are additional Summer ’18 features available to Salesforce Classic Only, both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic, Other Enhancements as others in the Summer ’18 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

1.New URL change to Lightning Experience standard apps, console apps, all versions of the mobile app.

  • /lightning”has replaced “/one/” in the URL. Existing URLs will translate into the new format when executed.
  • Custom or installed lightning components that parse a URL or rely on window.location or aura:locationChange event may break or behave differently.
  • Query string parameters appended to /one/ are rewritten.

Old URL:


New URL:


2. Users can personalize the nav bar


3. Org theme: Override brand colors and resize the image within Salesforce

4. Apply list filters directly in Lightning. No need to switch back to Classic.

5. Inline editing available on filtered list views* (*Not available in multi-record type list views or where fields are not editable)

6. View and update all dependent and controlling fields when editing a picklist or checkbox on the Record Detail page.


7. Add Topics component on the record pages via App Builder


8. Lightning Console Apps Enhancements:

  • Use flows to guide console users through processes. Flows associated to a record are launched as a subtab
  • Using lightning console JavaScript APIs, you can automate a tab refresh, change nav items and listen for utility bar clicks.
  • Users can share their console workspace and active subtab by copying the URL from their browser address bar
  • Open lightning components in a tab or subtab within the workspace
  • New pinned console left and right sidebars template

9. Increase adoption of Lightning with your Lightning users.

  • Schedule to automatically flip your lightning users from Classic to Lightning upon login on a weekly basis to encourage adoption. You can disable this for the org or via perm set assigned to your Lightning users
  • Lightning users will see feature prompts showcasing how the feature is better in Lightning when using they use specific features in Classic. As an admin, you can control the prompt display by going to Onboarding & Assistance in the Quick Find box.
  • Lightning Readiness Report now includes advice on how to replace your JavaScript buttons with sample lighting components.
  • Use the Lightning Usage App to view daily and monthly the active users, number of users switching to Classic.

10. Search Enhancements:

  • Limit your search by objects you are searching
  • Filter search results for opportunities, leads, contacts, cases, tasks, notes, dashboards and people in addition to accounts and files.

11. Sales reps no longer need Einstein Activity Capture in order to view account and opportunity insights

12. Forecasting Enhancements:

  • Forecast opportunity revenue and quantity based on schedule and product dates
  • In the opportunity list page, view product family totals, which rolls up into product family forecast amounts in addition to overall opportunity totals.

13. Product schedules are fully available

14. Person account setup (page layouts, record types, and compact layouts) are now fully available.

15. Create or update person accounts using quick actions in Lightning

16. Path is now available on Contacts

17. When updating path, the rep can access and update all dependent fields when updating a record from a Path.

18. When editing a record from Kanban view, the rep can access and update all dependent fields.

19. Call Enhancements:

  • With Call Monitoring, supervisors can listen in on a sales rep’s call for the purposes of coaching their reps.
  • Reps can record multiple voicemail messages for use with prospects, no longer limited to one voicemail message.
  • Use Local Presence to call prospects using a local number to increase call engagement. Note: Users need both Dialer Inbound and Dialer Outbound licenses to use Local Presence. Local Presence is for use only by customers in the United States, and is intended to be used to dial only US numbers.

20. Calendar Enhancements:

  • Reps can drag and drop tasks and event records in the calendar to quickly reschedule meetings and update due dates.
  • Hide the side panel details in your calendar.

21. Reps with a Sales Cloud license and Standard Einstein Activity Capture permission set can use Einstein Activity Capture to automatically associates emails and events with related Salesforce records. A Sales Cloud Einstein or Inbox license is no longer required.

22. With Einstein Activity Capture, users get Einstein Email Insights, which gives the sales rep information along relevant emails.

23. Task Management Enhancements:

  • Users can manage tasks from a list view, Kanban view or split view.
  • A rep can create a task and assign it to people or a group. Once created, each user gets their own copy of the task.


  • You can create predefined subjects for tasks and events in Setup.
  • Ability to view activities that are just yours.

24. Email Management Enhancements:

  • Filter contacts by campaign name to target list emails
  • (Beta) Use Shield Platform Encryption to encrypt the names and email addresses used in list emails.
  • Drag attachments into an email.
  • Configure separate email relays for each domain.
  • Manage your Lightning email templates all from the Email Templates page.
  • Add HTML tags to any email template.
  • Use one email template, regardless of whether you are using merge fields for a contact, lead or user. Handlebars Merge Language (HML) will replace Salesforce Merge Language (SML) in Lightning email templates. For example, when you specify a merge field for a recipient, the merge field shows the corresponding field for a contact, lead, or user.
  • Use Classic Visualforce email templates in regular emails in Lightning.

25. Run duplicate jobs on custom objects

26. Easily locate accounts assigned to your territory in the Account list view using the My Territory or My Territory Teams filter.

27. Use Guided Action List to help your service reps provide consistent service across all channels using Lightning Flow. Use the Process Builder to add processes that associate records with the flow using the RecordAction junction object. Finally, to display the flows to service reps, add the Guided Action List component to console pages using the Lightning App Builder.

28. Entitlement Management: Prevent service reps from accidentally marking milestones complete, by hiding the “Mark Completed” link on the Milestones component.

29. Macros: Ability to insert text at the cursor. Previously, you could only replace existing text or add information before or after the text.

30. Change a quick text owner to a queue. Previously, a quick text owner has to be an individual user.

31. A service rep can share a link to the post by clicking on the Chatter post’s timestamp.

32. Case Management Enhancements:

  • Reply, Reply All or Forward emails directly from the case feed.


  • Create Case Teams.
  • Email drafts when created in the case feed are automatically saved every few seconds and by default are private to the service rep associated to the case. Note: To use email drafts, you need to have email-to-case enabled in your org.
  • Service reps can create a case comment on the same closing case screen.
  • Send email notifications when a case comment is added by a user who is not the case owner or notify the contact when the case is created or a comment is added.
  • Search case comments in global search.
  • Setup and customize Omni-Channel in Lightning.
  • With skills-based routing for Omni-Channel, cases can be routed to a service rep for cases, leads, orders, and custom objects.
  • With Omni-Channel, if a service rep with the correct skills is not available, the work item is listed as pending until one with matching skills is available.

33. Knowledge Enhancements:

  • (Beta) Move to Lightning Knowledge with the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool
  • Select a Knowledge article to be translated
  • View master Knowledge articles side-by-side with its translated version
  • Use the Language Switcher component to switch languages when viewing draft and published articles
  • Add smart links to the rich text fields in articles, which will not break with revisions
  • Hover over article search results to quickly scan details without needing to drill into the article

34. Live Agent Enhancements:

  • When a customer responds to a chat, the chat tab turns dark blue and blinks three times in addition to the red dot to let the service rep know there is a new chat message.
  • Service reps can preview file attachments sent or received in Live Agent chats, stored in Files.

35. Create or update up to 100 records in a list view with a mass quick action on cases, leads, accounts, campaigns, contacts, opportunities, work orders and custom objects.

36. Files Enhancements:

  • Manage libraries from the top level
  • Manage library membership from the Files home page
  • Manage files topics from the File Detail Page
  • Contact Salesforce to enable the ability to “Display alternative file previews” if you have issues viewing SVG previews
  • Add the Quip Lightning component to pages via Lightning App Builder to give users access to Quip files
  • Add the ContentDocumentLink object data to the Weekly Data Export to see how Salesforce files are shared. Audit who has access to files and troubleshoot links created by automated systems.
  • If you use Files Connect for SharePoint On-Premises, you need to switch to Files Connect using SharePoint Online as On-Premises will retire on 5/18/18.

37. Chatter Enhancements:

  • Show off your Trailhead badges on your user profile.
  • Link up to 25 records in each post or comment using the forward slash “/” and type the record name.


  • Pin up to three posts at the top of group and topics feeds.

38. External Services Enhancements:

  • Use External Services to connect to an outside service, invoke methods based on the external source, and import service data into Salesforce.
  • Ability to edit an existing external service.
  • External Services schema expanded to 100,000 characters
  • All response codes, not just success codes, and their related values are parsed and available when they are included in the Swagger or Interagent schema.

39. Lightning App Builder Enhancements:

  • A broken component no longer prevents the rendering of a page
  • New pinned left and right sidebar console template
  • Show Trailhead badges on a user profile page with the Badges Lightning Component
  • (Pilot) Add the new Einstein Recommendations component (part of the Einstein Next Best Action pilot) that will show an action or special offer based on conditions of a strategy being met.
  • Add an extra layer of security by guarding against cross-site request forgery in a Visualforce page lightning component

40. Analytics Enhancements:

  • (Generally Available) Lightning Report Builder
  • Joined reports available
  • Formatting is kept in exported reports
  • Group by customized date
  • Use (beta) enhanced run page in reports for an improved user experience
  • Other report enhancements
  • Add a report to a dashboard from the Reports home page or while reading a report


  • Why reconfigure a chart on a dashboard when you’ve already done it in the report? “Use chart settings from report” setting when adding the report to the dashboard component.
  • Customize your report and dashboard list views, just like everywhere else in Salesforce – specify fields to display, change the sort order, resize columns and specify whether to wrap or clip text.
  • Organize your reports and dashboards in user created folders and subfolders.
  • Add subscribers to dashboards

41. Campaign Enhancements:

  • Ability to add all contacts from an Account to a campaign
  • Ability to view campaign hierarchy

42. Use Mass Actions even more! For example, you can mass create individual tasks for each contact from the contact list page.


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