Salesforce Release

Summer ’18 Community Highlights

Summer18LogoThe list of Summer ’18 features below apply to Community enhancements.

There are additional Summer ’18 features available to Salesforce Classic Only, Lightning Experience only, both Lighting Experience and Classic, Other Enhancements in the Summer ’18 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

  1. Customer Service (Napili) template is now called Customer Service.
  2. Customize the theme of your community by selecting from a library of pre-built themes.
  3. Specify the order components are displayed when the page loads to optimize your site performance. Note: Turn on Progressive Rendering in the Community Builder Advanced Settings.
  4. Save changes to the navigation and tile menu as draft
  5. Lightning Bolt is now Lightning Bolt Solutions. This allows you to package your community solution and distribute to other orgs, or share/sell it on AppExchange.
  6. Delete audiences no longer needed.
  7. Use JSON APIs to pull content into community pages.
  8. (Generally Available) Configure Named Credentials for CMS Connect JSON. Note: This is enabled by default.
  9. Control what is indexed by configuring objects and fields that are public in the Guest User Profile via a new SEO tab.
  10. To improve accessibility, Salesforce updated the <h1> tags for article titles in Topic Detail and Search Results. If you’ve overridden the <h1> ts, update them to <h3> for them to continue to work as expected.
  11. Salesforce changed the <ui:button> to <lighting:button> in these components: Case Deflection, Global Search for Peer-To-Peer Communities, Search & Post Publisher, Topic Articles by Topic, and Related Record List.
  12. Field service object is now available in Lightning Communities.
  13. Community members can view all the paused flows they own and resume them.
  14. Community users can drag calendar events to new time slots to update them quickly.
  15. Community users can create from a new standalone Contact Support Button component.
  16. Your community users can book appointments with you with Snap-ins Appointment Management and Field Service.
  17. Specify the routing order for chats and display the customer’s place in line before the chat starts.
  18. Track customer concerns via the subject field (Term) in the Community Case Deflection Report custom report type
  19. Many improvements made to Case Deflection and Contact Support Form components.
    • Customize the Upload File button label in the Contact Support Form component.
    • The Topic ID field in the Case Deflection component’s property editor is a dropdown menu of the community’s featured and navigational topics, and those added by community members, rather than a static text field.
    • The Case Deflection component displays articles by default with read-only discussions previews.
  20. Community security:
    • Allow your customers, community members and external users to access Salesforce with a passwordless login. They will login with a code that you send in an email or text message.
    • Specify 1 day, 7 days or 180 days when the community link in the welcome email will expire.
    • Admin-initiated password reset links in emails expire after 24 hours.
    • Reset password links in forgot password emails stay active until a user confirms the password reset request.
    • Build custom interfaces, for users to review/manage their mobile phone numbers and email addresses used for identity verification purposes.
    • Authentication provider endpoints must start with HTTP or HTTPS.
    • Specify length of time an ID token is valid after it’s issued in the authentication settings for a connected app.
    • (Beta) You can now set different login policies for Salesforce and community users.
    • To improve security, all new and existing code must be compliant for the <head> function to be saved.
    • (Beta) Ability to use sharing sets with the Customer Community Plus and Partner Community licenses
    • (Pilot) Create a sharing set for any community or portal user who is a contact associated to multiple accounts.
    • Determine whether a Customer Community Plus licensed user can view and edit cases they are listed as the contact.
    • Posts at Scale in the Engagement Queue to post a message to up to 500 members.
  21. Close a question, poll, or post in the Community.
  22. Pin up to three posts at the top of a group or topics feed.
  23. Check community steams without leaving Salesforce (i.e. navigating to the community and back).
  24. Show topics option in the Article Content component’s properties allows you to show or hide an article’s topics.
  25. Allow Community users to read, create, edit, and delete Knowledge articles
  26. Customize email lockout templates to match your company’s brand
  27. Files Enhancements:
    • Manage libraries in Lightning
    • Create and manage library memberships (internal or external users) from Files Home
    • Customize the Files detail page layout by adding standard and custom fields that track metadata specific to your business process/company.
    • Preview Quip documents and sheets
  28. Partner Community Enhancements :
    • (Beta) External delegated admins can manage their users (activate/deactivate/reset passwords) for partner users.
  29. Create different page versions for different channel programs or based on specific criteria
  30. Partner users within a channel program or level can no longer see others’ accounts and opportunities.
  31. Market Development Funds Enhancements:
    • Use a lookup field to associate campaigns with budgets
    • Extend the end date for when a fund is available
    • Use FLS to prevent partner users from updating status and amount fields
    • Create a workflow that updates the status or amount of a request or claim