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Spring ’18 Salesforce Lightning Experience Only Highlights


The list of Spring ’18 features below only apply to the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

There are additional Spring ’18 features available to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic, Salesforce Einstein Enhancements as others in the Spring ’18 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

  1. Options for lead conversion. As an administrator, you can choose to suppress the opportunity from the lead conversion page or select “Don’t create an opportunity” as the default on the lead conversion page.
  2. Add contacts and leads to a campaign without leaving the campaign. Instead of being taken to the lead or contact home page, add contacts and leads to the campaign quicker.


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  1. Add a path to a campaign.
  2. (Beta) Use Pardot and Salesforce features within Salesforce when you enable B2B Marketing in Setup. You can also see the Pardot engagement history data within Salesforce as well.
  3. Pick your own path. You can customize path using any picklist field on standard objects. Use path to manage accounts without using opportunities or to manage an account lifecycle.


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  1. View the account hierarchy right from the account header. Similarly, you can view the contact hierarchy the same way, via the contact header, to see how the contact relates to other contacts.


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  1. Provide opportunity splits to give reps the credit they are due.
  2. When viewing product names and descriptions, you can now allow the text to wrap to view the information in its entirety, just like list views.
  3. Once a rep selects a price book, that PB appears as the first in the list.
  4. Add account team members to the opportunity team in one click.
  5. Add up to 50 products to a price book at one time.
  6. Lightning App Builder Enhancements:
  • Save space with collapsible sections on your Lightning pages.


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  • Manage and create lightning pages within Lightning App Builder


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  • Manage Lightning Apps within Lightning App Builder


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  • Set visibility rules on Lightning app and Home pages, in addition to your Lightning record pages.
  • Include related fields and other objects in your component visibility rules
  1. For console apps, you can select to pin certain sections by using any of these new Lightning page templates: Console: Pinned Header, Console: Pinned Header and Left Sidebar or Console: Pinned Left Sidebar.


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  1. (Beta) Coach reps by monitoring their calls. You have the ability to listen in on a rep’s call so you can coach them on their call performance. Reps will know if their calls are being monitored.
  2. Add the “Do Not Call” field on lead, contact, or person account records to disable one-click calling.
  3. Macros enhancements:
  • They now work almost everywhere. Marcos now work on most standard and custom object records in all Lightning apps, not just console navigation apps on the case, contact, lead, and custom objects.
  • Use quick text in macros to maximize efficiency.
  • Use Lightning and Classic email templates, plus attach files, in macros.
  • Add up to 4,000 characters in most text fields as opposed to only 1,000 characters previously.
  • Insert text before existing text in addition to replacing the text or inserting it after the existing text.


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  1. (Inbox) To honor and respect your customers’ wishes regarding the personal data you collect, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act), you can prevent email read receipts.
  2. Manage your list emails in one place via the List Emails tab.
  3. No more guessing when you will hit the org’s daily email limit. The email composer shows how many more emails remain out of your org’s daily limit.
  4. Clear all activity reminders in one click. After the fourth notification, the Clear All button will appear and will remove all past reminders.
  5. Google and Microsoft (Microsoft® Exchange 2016 and 2013) users have greater access to event attendees. They can sync events from Salesforce to Microsoft/to Google can add, remove, and edit attendees. Reps set up to sync events in any direction can see and sync attendees. Note: This feature also requires Lightning Sync.
  6. Reps can edit their coworker’s events directly from the calendar, rather than search for the events. (Note: The rep must be able to view events through calendar sharing and have edit permissions to the events through sharing permissions.)
  7. Salesforce users who use Cisco WebEx can add their personal room or create a new WebEx meeting to Salesforce events.
  8. Lightning Knowledge enhancements:
  • Agents can add articles directly into case emails
  • Article authors can submit drafts for approval
  • Managers and authors can reassign drafts other authors
  • Live Agent users can access Knowledge
  1. Field service technicians can now preview, email and delete service reports.
  2. If draft emails is enabled, build approval processes for email drafts before they are emailed.
  3. Agents can perform mass quick actions on up to 200 records in a list view for Cases, Leads, and custom objects.
  4. Search for emails (bcc, cc, from, address, subject, text body, to address, all custom text/text area/long text area/rich text/email and phone fields) in Global Search.
  5. Forward emails in a case email by adding the Forward button to Mobile and Lightning Actions selection of the case page layout.
  6. The email publisher now uses HTML by default. Note: Email-to-Case must be enabled to use the Send Email quick action on the Cases object.
  7. Use Case Path to provide guidance and focus on important information for the various case stages.
  8. (Pilot) Use Lightning Flow for Service to enforce business processes by presenting flows as primary tabs or subtabs in console apps.
  9. If Lightning Knowledge is enabled, you can now add Knowledge to the item menu using the App Manager.
  10. (Beta) External routing is now available in Lightning (previously, you have to use by using Classic) to integrate external routing with Omni-Channel. Contact Salesforce to enable external routing for Omni-Channel.
  11. (GA) Monitor Omni-Channel agents, queues, and work live!
  12. Agents can view work order milestones, just like they could in Classic.
  13. Customize your Snap-in for Web pre-chat user interface using a custom Lightning component.
  14. Social Customer Service Enhancements:
  • Use quick text in the social publisher
  • Use the new note field to add notes to the social persona
  1. Flow Enhancements:
  • Attach files from flows with the File Upload Component
  • (GA) Launch a Flow from an Object-Specific Action
  1. (Beta) Easily add members to a library via library management. Remove users using Salesforce Classic.


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  1. Chatter Enhancements:
  • Apply a persistent filter to your Chatter feed
  • Copy Chatter post link for sharing


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  • Easily find all related posts under one topic by using hashtags.


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  1.  Development enhancements:
  • Visualforce pages can detect whether they’re loaded in Lightning console apps or apps with standard navigation. Check for the Theme4u value in UI context detection logic in the console.
  • Platform Cache is now available in Lightning
  1. Analytics enhancements:
  • Chart Enhancements for Reports and Dashboards
  • (Beta) Lightning Experience Report Builder: The second release includes buckets, cross filters, summary formulas, update report properties, filter by role heirarchy
  • Dashboard Enhancements: new dashboard table component with up to 200 records and 10 columns; subscribe to schedule refreshes and get email updates; customize colors by choosing a light or dark theme and one of 14 color palettes; Post in the dashboard feed – @mention people and groups, and use rich text
  • Search for report and dashboard folders in Global Search
  • Favorite a report or dashboard folder






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