Salesforce Release

Spring ’18 Salesforce Einstein Enhancements


The list of Spring’18 features below only apply to Communities.

There are additional Spring ’18 features available to Lightning Experience onlyboth Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic as well as other categories listed in the Spring ’18 Release Highlights post.

  1. Use the Einstein Readiness Assessor to see if you’re ready to start using Sales Cloud Einstein. Available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.
  2. (GA) Have AI help your team prioritize your opportunities. Opportunity scores are based on the record details, history, and related activities of the opportunity and related account. Available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.
  3. (Beta) Use Einstein Forecasting to increase forecasting accuracy with predictions on the team’s opportunities based on past data. Frequency of reporting data differs depending on Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience.
  4. Einstein Lead Scoring: Show fields that had a significant positive and negative effect on the lead score. Display the rank and department of each lead, which Einstein uses in lead scoring. Available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.
  5. Einstein Activity Capture: Emails sent from the org-wide email addresses are logged to the related Salesforce records. Users can see their Microsoft events in Salesforce via a calendar called Microsoft® Exchange. Available in Lightning Experience.
  6. Sales Cloud Einstein Analytics: All Sales Cloud Einstein users have access to the Sales Cloud Einstein dashboards. Updated Einstein Automated Contacts dashboard and Einstein Lead Scoring Dashboard – to update it, delete the app and re-create it. Available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.
  7. (Pilot) Einstein Insights: Access account and opportunity insights from your mobile device. Available in Salesforce for iOS and Salesforce for Android.
  8. Sales Cloud Einstein now includes Inbox for reps to manage their meetings and email with Salesforce. Available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.
  9. (Pilot) Einstein Data Insights: Einstein analyzes report data and summarizes key takeaways, comparisons and trends. Available in Salesforce Classic, Lightning Experience and all versions of the Salesforce app.
  10. Use Einstein Analytics dataflow to create an Einstein Discovery dataset based on data from Salesforce objects, replicated objects, or existing datasets.
  11. (Pilot) Display Einstein Discovery recommendations in a Salesforce object



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