Salesforce Release

Spring ’18 Community Highlights


The list of Spring’18 features below only apply to Communities.

There are additional Spring ’18 features available to Lightning Experience onlyboth Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic as well as other categories listed in the Spring ’18 Release Highlights post.

  1. (Pilot) Einstein Answers uses articles and past discussions in your community to deliver relevant answers to a question posed by a community member.
  2. Quickly determine which theme layout a page is using.
  3. The new Calendar component shows your events and other users’ calendars directly from your community on your desktop or mobile device.
  4. Use the Salesforce Survey component to embed a survey in any Lightning community template.
  5. Set an expiration date on your community content.
  6. Help your customers find answers and deflect cases with two new components – Contact Support Form and the Case Deflection components
  7. Use CRM fields to target audiences with greater precision
  8. (GA) Use the Marketing Cloud (via Journey Builder) with Communities
  9. Partner Central and Customer Account Portal templates have access to more components.
  10. Allow external community users to deactivate their own accounts.
  11. When external users access the community from a new device or browser, you can use two factor authentication to verify their identity.
  12. (Beta) Set different login policies for internal versus and community users
  13. Increase community security via a critical update. Internal users can only login as a community or portal user if they have all the following:
    • Modify All Data permission, or a role that is higher in the hierarchy than the user they want to log in as
    • Ability to manage portal users
  14. Minimize number of roles and optimize performance. Consider using account role optimization if you have a large volume of business accounts with a single community user. In this case, all business accounts with one community user owned by the same employee will use a single shared person role.
  15. Community new user and password reset emails take the user to their community.
  16. Using the Libraries component, your users can drill down into libraries and library folders, see their files displayed as thumbnails in a grid.
  17. User with access to Files can now create content assets if the user has the View Setup and Configuration permission.
  18. Community members can collaborate with Quip, using the Quip component on community record pages
  19. Customers can create asset files unauthenticated users can access.
  20. Use the Case Deflection Dashboard to get real-time metrics on potential and confirmed case deflections, most helpful and least helpful articles and discussions. This dashboard will be available in the Spring ’18 Community Management Package on the AppExchange.
  21. (Critical Update) The instance name is being removed from Visualforce, Community Builder, Studio, and content file URLs.

When Salesforce removes the instance name from your URLs, the hostnames change.


  • mydomain– replaces mydomain–
  • mydomain– replaces mydomain–

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