My Dreamforce ’17 Recorded Sessions

At this past Dreamforce ’17, I became a 2x Dreamforce presenter.

Here are the recordings from my two Dreamforce ’17 sessions.

I presented with MVPs Mike Gill, Chris Edwards and Rakesh Gupta last year at MVP Process Automation Showdown. This year when we pitched our session idea, we decided to make this bigger by extending the competitors from four to eight, with an open invitation to the Salesforce community to submit their process automation use cases and solutions for selection of the 4 presenter slots. Chris Edwards and I co-lead the two sessions in Process Automation Showdown #1 and #2. I personally presented in Process Automation Showdown #1.

Process Automation Showdown #1


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Session Concept:  Join us as four Salesforce community experts showcase their own cool and creative process automation solutions, using clicks, not code, to achieve things you didn’t know you could do with process builder and/or flow. Come watch, learn, get inspired and vote for your process automation champion! Who will walk away with the coveted title?

Recording | Deck


Work(Flows), Processes, Triggers & More. See the Forest For the Trees.



Session Concept:  On the surface, the Salesforce Platform provides incredibly powerful process automation tools, like Flows, Workflows, Processes, Triggers, Apex, and Approvals. But underneath, there is significant overlap in their capabilities. It can feel overwhelming if not impossible deciding what to use and when. Join Salesforce MVP, Jennifer Lee, and Salesforce Automation Expert, Shane McLaughlin, as they help you forge your trail to success. You’ll learn why to use one tool versus another, how to manage your automation efforts as you grow, and how to untangle any messes along-the-way.

Recording | Deck

Apologies for those who waited in line for the breakout session and were not able to get into the room. I wish I could’ve gotten you all in!

Thank you for those who attended my sessions for your support.

Enjoy and see you at Dreamforce ’18!




4 thoughts on “My Dreamforce ’17 Recorded Sessions

  1. I have referenced your blog for the last year as I dove into Flow and Process Builder. Went to Dreamforce this year and to my surprise you were presenting at a session I signed up for. You and Shane did a great presentation. Thanks for all you do!


  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Amazing stuff, thank you for sharing. I attempted to create the same flow (in classic UX), the loop works fine and shows total open tickets count but the text template shows only one record on the screen. Kindly suggest.


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