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Winter ’18 Salesforce Mobile Highlights


The list of Winter ’18 features below only apply to the Salesforce mobile experience.

There are additional Winter ’18 features available to Lightning Experience onlySalesforce Classic only and both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Visit the Winter ’18 Release Highlights post.

1.Visual flow enhancements:

  • (Beta) You can pick from a list of available active screen flows when creating a flow action instead of providing the flow URL.


View image full screen

  • Maximize your flow game. You can now add flows to custom components and apps,  using the lightning:flow Lightning component. Invoke flow from a visualforce page with the Lightning skin by using a flow lightning component.

2. Case enhancements:

  • Add Milestones to Case pages
  • Clone cases in Lightning like you do in Classic.
  • Add case comments directly from the Case Comments related list, just like you do in Classic.

3. Encryption enhancements:

  • You can encrypt more standard fields on accounts, contacts and leads.
  • (Beta) You can encrypt the Opportunity Description and Next Step fields by contacting Salesforce.

4. Filter activities that appear in the Activity Timeline by type and/or duration.


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