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Winter ’18 Salesforce Classic Only Highlights


The list of Winter ’18 below only apply to Salesforce Classic.

There are additional Winter ’18 features available to Lightning Experience only and to both Lightning and Salesforce Classic. Visit the Winter ’18 Release Highlights post.

1. Cloud Scheduler is now retired.

2. Run the Lightning Experience Visualforce Report directly from your Lightning Readiness Report PDF to identify changes needed to your Classic visualforce pages for use in Lightning.

3. Contact Salesforce to enable External Routing for Omni-Channel so you can integrate your  external case routing with Omni-Channel.

4 thoughts on “Winter ’18 Salesforce Classic Only Highlights

  1. I’m happy you’ve found this to be helpful. This one took me a bit to read through and pull out highlights and play around with some of the features to showcase.


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