Salesforce Release

Winter ’18 Communities Enhancements


Here are a list of Winter ’18 Communities features below.

There are additional Winter ’18 features available to Lightning Experience onlyboth Lightning Experience and Salesforce ClassicSalesforce Classic only or Mobile. Visit the Winter ’18 Release Highlights post.

1. Manage External Community Users in Lightning Experience. No more switching over to Classic!


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2. Manage the appearance and style of your community pages based on the audience viewing the page without creating individual communities with branding sets. Create audiences based on user criteria.


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3. Update your Napili template to Winter 18 to take advantage of these improvements.


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4. New Community Options: Customer Account Portal and Build Your Own.

5. Improve community performance with browser caching. Under Session Settings | check Enable secure and persistent browser caching to improve performance caching.

6. Embed flows in Lightning Community pages.

7. Authenticated community users can access external files in your Lightning communities using Files Connect.

8. Use the new File Upload component (functionality of the file selector and file uploader) in your custom community components. Community users can upload or drag multiple files for upload, see the progress of the upload and will get a confirmed when all files are uploaded.

9. You can now use contracts, orders, price books, and quotes in communities.

10. All Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited orgs can now create up to 100 communities, even without purchasing a Communities license.

11. Article URLs no longer include the Record ID. For example, redirects to

12. Greater change set support for Community deployment.



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