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I Guest Blogged On the Salesforce Admin Site

I was truly honored when Salesforce invited me to guest blog for the Salesforce Admins site about the upcoming Summer ’17 Lightning Experience enhancements.

There are so many release features to choice from, I just picked a handful. Hope you like them. Click on the image below to access my blog post.





2 thoughts on “I Guest Blogged On the Salesforce Admin Site

  1. THis is a really useful blog. I was aware of the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant which will assess whether we are ready for Lightening. But is Lightening ready for us???
    As a charity I do not have the resources to use a product which is not complete so I have to keep finding work arounds for the gaps. When Lightning was first launched we avoided it. I keep trying to find a document that will either confirm that Lightning now includes all the functionality that was in Classic, or will list the missing functionality so we can assess whether we can live without it. Please can you direct me to such a document. Thanks Michca


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