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Summer ’17 Salesforce Lightning Experience Only Highlights


The list of Summer ’17 features below only apply to the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

There are additional Summer ’17 features available to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Classic only. Visit the Summer ’17 Release Highlights post.

1. Search Enhancement: Find the right opportunity by searching for opportunity name plus the account name.

2. Success message from quick actions now includes a link to the record.


3. Manage Records Using Split View for Console Apps. When you have a console app, rather than show a list view as a table, you can select to show the list view as a split view. This allows your reps to work with multiple records at a time.


4. Reps have quicker access to key case data via Case Hovers. Configure the case object compact layout to show 5 fields of key case data and that will show up when you hover over the case number anywhere except list views.


5. Rich Text Editors Reenabled for LockerService. Previously, when LockerService was activated in a sandbox or personal DE, the rich text editor became disabled.

6. Field History Related Lists Now Appear in LEX as it does in Classic and Mobile!


7. “Disable Access to Lightning Experience and the Salesforce1 Mobile Browser App from IE11” Critical Update Canceled

8. Show spelling corrected search results


9. Search now includes Entitlements and Topics

10. (Aligns Feature with Classic) Allow for account matching during lead conversion.

11. Campaign enhancements:

  • Add campaign members to reports
  • Ability to show the Campaign field history related list
  • Add a campaign to an account
  • Show the campaign influence

12. Improvements to working with collaborative forecasts:

13. Sales users can now see the Opportunity stage history

14. Create contacts quicker. Salesforce prepopulates from the Account’s phone, fax and mailing address

15. Add and Edit Multiple Order Products. Sales users can add multiple products to orders as well as edit multiple order products at the same time.

16. Use your Classic email templates now in Lightning. You can use your Text, Custom HTML, and Letterhead email templates in LEX in addition to your Lightning templates.


17. You now can delete list view charts.


18. Cases related lists shows all of the person account’s cases, now including cases where the person account is listed in the Contact Name field.

19. Lightning Service Console enhancements, with the (1) split console view, (2) compact case feed, (3) drag and drop files, (4) case hovers and (5) omni-channel utility.


20. Service agents can create, edit and delete case comments. Add a quick action and add it to the Case page layout. Wah-la!


21. File Enhancements:

  • Drag and Drop File Capability in Files and Attachments Related Lists!


  • Add up to 10 files at a time to a library, a record or Files Home
  • Move a Library folder within another folder to create subfolders
  • Customize the Files Detail page with custom fields, page layouts and record types
  • Apply validation rule your files to improve file data
  • (Aligns with Classic and Lightning Email) Create a public link to a file in Chatter and share the URL to others
  • Unshare a file
  • (Productivity improvement) Right-click to open a file in a new tab
  • Raise the roof for increased limits. Maximum number of files per org raised from 10 million to 30 million. The number of daily content versions (files add/ modified in a 24-hour period) has increased from 36,000 to 200,00. The delivery bandwidth limit doubled from 10 GB to 20 GB.

22. Reporting Enhancements:

  • You can now add, edit, or remove filters from your Lightning Experience dashboard
  • Locate reports to add to your dashboard just like you do on the reports tab
  • Add combination charts to dashboards using these types (vertical bar chart with an added line chart and vertical chart with up to four bars)
  • Subscribe other users to reports
  • You can now create reports and dashboard folders. However, you will need to switch back to Classic to grant user access to those folders.
  • Receive a dashboard refresh warning if your dashboard has not been refreshed in over 24 hours.


23. Chatter Enhancements:

  • Filter unread posts in the Group
  • See “Seen By” count for your posts in private and unlisted Chatter groups
  • Share a post with a group
  • Identify external users quickly. They have an orange border and the word external to the user’s profile photo.
  • More coolness to streams. Create up to 100 streams. Your Chatter home shows your five most recently viewed. Set the frequency of notifications for Stream activity.

24. Using Lightning App Builder, add a landing page for all your 3rd Party Apps on Your Home Pages for quick access

25. Process Automation Enhancements:

  • (Generally Available) Add a flow component to a Lightning page
  • (Aligns with Classic) Reassign an approval request to someone else
  • (Aligns with Classic) Recall submitted approval requests

26. See email attachments in a Case’s attachment related list. Attachments sent via an email are included in the Attachment’s related list on the case object, denoted by the email icon. Previously, these were not shown.


When users View All, attachments from emails are shown like this.


27. (Critical Update) Block execution of JavaScript in the HYPERLINK Function

28. Entitlements are supported in Lightning with some limitations.

29. Customization Enhancements:

  • Right click to open more items in a new tab from setup
  • Object Manager gets its own tab and left nav (just like you know and love in Classic)


  • Rich text editor for custom fields gets new look. Check out the differences between LEX and SF1 to Classic.


10 thoughts on “Summer ’17 Salesforce Lightning Experience Only Highlights

  1. Thank you so much, Jen, this is very helpful! I believe that the Data Import Wizard enhancements are applicable to both LEX and Classic (based on the Release Notes article you linked to), but I could be missing something. Thank you again!


  2. jenwlee, I really rely on your assessments and postings like this given my workload as a solo Admin so wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you put into these.


  3. I see it. You need to access a console app in Lightning. From the list view, you will see the split screen as an option to view it as a list view.


  4. I tried to activate the Split View. Problem is I see it in few apps and I am not able to see it in few other apps of my org. Any steps to activate it in an app ?


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