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Summer ’17 Salesforce Classic & Lightning Experience Highlights


The list of Summer ’17 features below only apply to both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

There are additional Summer ’17 features available to Lightning Experience only and Salesforce Classic only. Visit the Summer ’17 Release Highlights post.

1.Remove the ability for users to switch back to Classic. By enabling the “Hide Option to Switch to Salesforce Classic” on the profile or permission set, this disallows the user from switching between Classic and Lightning. If there are features that are Classic only, Salesforce will give temporary access in a new browser tab, regardless of this permission being enabled for the user.HideClassicOption.JPG

2. Orders are now available via global actions

3. Person Accounts now shows all notes. Now, Salesforce also shows notes where the person account is a related contact.

4. Find duplicates between contacts and leads. Use standard duplicate rules to find duplicates between contacts and leads.  


5. Process Automation enhancements:

  • Launch flows correctly in lightning runtime from buttons, links, and custom tabs
  • Lightning runtime now respects the URL parameterretURL, which controls where Salesforce directs the user to after the flow interview finishes
  • (Pilot) Dynamically rendered fields in flow screens
  • (Critical Update) Stop automated field updates (workflow/processes/triggers) from suppressing email notifications 

6. Ineffectively written duplicate rules cannot be activated. If a matching rule is defined so broadly that too many records are identifed as possible duplicates, Salesforce will not allow the rule to be activated and will send a detailed email to the admin who tried to activate it.

7. Security & Identity Enhancements:

  • Platform Encryption: Support for Flows, Formulas, Leads, and More
  • (Generally Available) Import a custom security baseline into Health Check
  • Provide compliance reporting quicker using the Metadata API instead of taking screenshots
  • Improved control over connected app access. On the Connected Apps OAuth Usage page, view the connected apps your users have tried. If appropriate, you can install and whitelist them.

8. Development Enhancements:

  • Custom Metadata Type Enhancements:
    • Create validation rules
    • Ability to create Long Text Areas (Generally Available)
    • Start moving your custom settings to CMT, where possible. Check your org’s usage via the Get Usage button.GetCustomSettingsUsage
  • All Apex code is now automatically recompiled before completing a metadata deploy, a package install, or a package upgrade
  • Make execution of test classes more efficient, by running parallel tests using @isTest(isParallel=true) annotation. These test classes aren’t restricted by the default limits on the number of concurrent tests.
  • Apex: New and Changed Classes and Interfaces
  • API: New Objects and Types, Search Enhancements, and UI API

9. Customization Enhancements:

10. Data Import Wizard: External IDs, Search, and Other Enhancements. Select specific External IDs, choose from multiple field separators, and search for fields to map when you import with the Data Import Wizard.

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