Salesforce Release

Other Summer ’17 Highlights


Here are a list of other Summer ’17 features below.

There are additional Summer ’17 features available to Lightning Experience only and Salesforce Classic, Lightning Experience only, Salesforce Classic only or Mobile. Visit the  Summer ’17 Release Highlights post.

  1. Salesforce Einstein Features
  2. Community Enhancements:
    • Critical Update Activation: LockerService in Communities
      • LockerService is enforced for all Lightning components created in Summer ’17 (API version 40.0) and later.
    • Partner Central—The New Partner Community Solution
    • (Pilot) Community 360 empowers support agents to better help Customers
    • Salesforce Identity Embedded Login feature will allow users to login before accessing certain pages/functionality, by just a few lines of HTML
    • Move communities via change sets, with some considerations in mind
    • Upgrade users to Customer Community Plus or the Partner Community license with ease. You no longer have to create entirely new users and migrate their data.
    • Koa and Kokua Templates are no longer available for new communities
    • Manage the styling of your login pages with the rest of your pages from a single, centralized Branding panel
  3. Salesforce Integration Enhancements:
  4. Financial Services Cloud Enhancements
  5. Health Cloud Enhancements
  6. Marketing Cloud Enhancements

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