Salesforce World Tour

See You at the NYC and Boston World Tours


For those attending the Salesforce NYC World Tour on May 2 and the Boston World Tour on May 31, please come see me.

If you haven’t registered, what’cha waiting for?

When I was thinking about what to present, I didn’t right away say something process automation. In fact, I decided against presenting about process automation which, many know is my passion, my wheelhouse. Instead, I’m going to present to newbie Salesforce Administrators at both World Tours. Here’s why.

I’ve attended several World Tours volunteering at the Ask the Experts booths. I get so many questions that start with “My company just purchased Salesforce and now I am the Salesforce Administrator. What do I need to know?” Wow, where do I begin? There are so many who fall into that category who come to these World Tours looking for answers to that big question. If I had time, I would take them all under my wing and help them through their new Salesforce journey. I’ve got 20 minutes, so in my Admin Theater session, I will share my tips for what a new Salesforce Admin should focus on.


If you’re a fan of Automation Hour, a reader of this blog or just looking for process automation help, you won’t be disappointed. I will be manning the Process Automation Ask the Experts booth as well. Please come by to ask me a process automation question or just to say “hi.”

Here’s my schedule for both World Tours.

New York World Tour, May 2

  • 7:45-9:30am (Trailhead Zone): Process Automation for Admins Ask the Experts booth
  • 1:00-1:20pm (Admin Theater): My Company Just Purchased Salesforce. Now What? Session

Boston World Tour, May 31

  • 7:45-9:30am (Trailhead Zone): Trading Post
  • 1:00-1:20pm (Admin Theater): My Company Just Purchased Salesforce. Now What? Session
  • 2:30-5:30pm (Trailhead Zone): Process Automation for Admins Ask the Experts booth

Hope to see you there!