8 thoughts on “Automated Cleanup When User Is Deactivated – Managed Package Licenses

  1. Great way of cleaning up license assignments after users are deactivated. Although currently we do this via UserTrigger, its a great design if you want to achieve this via config.


  2. Hi Jenwlee,

    Thanks for the detailed explanation.
    How to test this process is working fine or not in Sandbox instances,Manage package licences are not available in sandbox. Because we cant create this directly in production alone.


  3. I had tested out this process first in a personal dev org so I know the license piece works. You would need to reach out to the vendor to see if it is possible to enable the manage license function in a sandbox. Not sure if they can do it or not.


  4. Hi Jen, this is such a great outline and idea! Thank you for putting so much detail into it. I’m wondering if you can help me with a step I’m stuck on. Step E…states “We will look up the custom metadata type object Permission_Set_IDs_mdt where the MasterLabel is PermSetIDs (custom metadata type data record).”
    I can choose Permission_Set_IDs_mdt as well as MasterLabel however I’m not able to choose PermSetIDs in the Value column. I don’t know if I missed a step before hand or if I’m looking in the wrong place? It’s not a Variable that was created in the initial steps and I don’t see it listed under Outcomes, Record Lookups, Fast Lookups or Global Constant. Flows are still relatively new to me so I’m sure I’m missing something easy. If you could assist me I would be grateful…would love to test this in our org. Thank you in advance!!!


  5. Check Step 1B. This is where you create the custom metadata type record that you are referencing in Step E. Hope that helps.


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