Salesforce Release

Spring ’17 Salesforce Mobile Highlights


The list of Spring’17 features below only apply to the Salesforce mobile experience.

There are additional Spring’17 features available to Lightning Experience only and Salesforce Classic only and both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Visit the  Spring ’17 Release Highlights post.

  1. Search Enhancements:
    • Search for contacts faster by searching on first or last name, both and also plus the account name. Direct and indirect account relationships to the contacts will be returned that match the search criteria.
    • Search for (Calendar) Events, Quotes and Tasks.
  2. Marketing and Sales Operations users can view converted leads via the new “View and Edit Converted Leads” permission. In Salesforce1, users can only see converted leads in the Recent Leads list.
  3. Spring ’17 Features That Are Different or Not Available in Salesforce1
  4. Users can select the next approver in the approval process, if your approval process requires a user to select the next approver. Previously, this was only available in Salesforce Classic.
  5. Visual flow enhancements:
    • Display flow screens in two columns is now generally available.
    • (PILOT) Create reflexive UI flow screens: Configure field rules to control when to show or hide particular screen fields that reflexive to the user’s selectiions. This takes effect only for flows that use Lightning runtime.
  6. Allow users to set up/manage campaign member status values when you add the Campaign Member Statuses related list to Campaign page layouts

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