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Spring ’17 Salesforce Lightning Experience Only Highlights


The list of Spring’17 features below only apply to the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

There are additional Spring’17 features available to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Classic only. Visit the Spring ’17 Release Highlights post.

  1. Add records, reports, lists, etc. to your Favorites. Once added, you can edit your favorites – name of the favorite or delete it. favorite
  2. Path enhancements: Add path to quotes and custom objects. Path adheres to fields required by the page layout when updating records in a path.
  3. Ability to view the account hierarchyaccounthierachy
  4. Search enhancements:
    • Select the object to search from anywhere in
    • Ability to specify lookup filters, just like in Salesforce Classic.
  5. Object list view will now default to the last list view you used instead of defaulting to the Recently Viewed list when you return to the page.
  6. Inline editing directly from a list view.
  7. Email enhancements:
    • When selecting an email template, the templates shown apply to the first email recipient or the item in the Related To field.
    • Send email action has replaced the Email Composer. This allows you to customize multiple Send Email actions per your business processes by adding/removing fields or specifying predefined values.
    • Org-wide addresses can now be selected in the From dropdown, just like in Salesforce Classic.
    • Select from multiple email account to specify the From address when sending an email.
  8. Use Recurring Tasks

  9. Reporting enhancements- get it to parity with Salesforce Classic:
    • Subscribe up to 5 reports
    • Pass URL parameters to set filter values in Lightning Experience reports
    • View dashboards as other people

    • Share dashboard charts via Chatter 

    • Add funnel and scatter charts to dashboards

  10. Sales Cloud Einstein is available for an additional fee.
    • Using Automated Activity Capture, Einstein users connect their email and calendar to Salesforce.
    • Prioritize leads with predictive lead scoring and insights.
    • View insights related to opportunities on the Home page along with access to relevant actions related to different opportunities.
  11. Kanban enhancements:
    • Kanban view is available on almost any list view.
    • Configure your Kanban view.
    • View records by record type in Kanban View.
  12. Person account page is customizable using Lightning App Builder.
  13. Lead management enhancements:
    • Ability to automatically assigned leads using lead assignment rules
    • Ability to mass update the status of multiple leads in a leads list views and clicking Change Status.
    • Map custom lead fields to custom fields on accounts, contacts and opportunities upon lead conversion.
  14. Campaign management enhancements:
    • Similar to the new account hierarchy, see how your campaigns are organized hierarchically, and view individual and combined campaign results for each campaign in the campaign hierarchy.
    • Allow users to set up/manage campaign member status values when you add the Campaign Member Statuses related list to Campaign page layouts
    • Campaign Member related list allows user to add members to campaigns, mass-update members, remove and clone members.
  15. File enhancements:
    • Add Salesforce files to a record, right from the files card without Chatter.
    • Easily rename a file uploaded.
    • When you post a hyperlink of an external file in Chatter, it will automatically becomes a Files Connect file reference.
  16. Lightning App Builder enhancements:
    • Create custom record pages and assign them by app, record type or profile.
    • Use the Related Record component to display details of a related record, including the parent record, on any record page.
    • New page templates available
    • Clone the system default page to as a baseline with standard components to customize.
  17. Collaborative Forecasts available in Lightning.

  18. All person account merge fields are available when emailing. Previously, only account fields appeared.
  19. Opportunities enhancements: Add up to 50 products and editing up to 200 simultaneously.
  20. Console Apps enhancements:
  21. Add a utility bar to give users quick access to docked utilities to any Lightning app.
  22. You can now use Open CTI for Lightning Experience in Lightning console apps, including the Service Console.
  23. Quick actions are now available for external objects.
  24. (BETA) External Service: Use External Services to connect the Salesforce org to any service by invoking methods based on the external source via a flow. Then, import data from the service into Salesforce.
  25. Users can select the next approver in the approval process, if your approval process requires a user to select the next approver. Previously, this was only available in Salesforce Classic.
  26. (BETA) Skype for Salesforce: Save important Skype chats and view them in Notes in Salesforce.

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