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Spring ’17 Salesforce Classic Only Highlights


The list of Spring’17 features below only apply to Salesforce Classic.

There are additional Spring’17 features available to Lightning Experience only and to both Lightning and Salesforce Classic. Visit the Spring ’17 Release Highlights post.

  1. Run flows with a Lightning skin is now generally available.
  2. Omni-Channel enhancements:
    • (Generally Available) Omni-Channel Supervisor offers real-time information in the Salesforce Console about your Omni-Channel agents, queues and work streamed live- see what is open, active, which cases are assigned to specific individuals, see each agent’s capacity and more.
    • Assign an overflow user or queue to assign the work to once your org reaches Omni-Channel limits.
    • Limits increased to 5k maximum queued work items/hour and 30k maximum pending routing requests.
  3. Live Agent enhancements:
    • Route Live Agent chats using Omni-Channel rather than using Skills to route chats to the best-fit agent.
    • Customize page layouts based on the chat’s state: Waiting, Active, or Ended.
    • Customers can save the chat transcript on iOS devices.
    • Links shared in the chat now appear as hyperlinks.
  4. Salesforce console can now access external objects.

4 thoughts on “Spring ’17 Salesforce Classic Only Highlights

  1. Great series on the Spring 17 release Jen! One quick correction for you as it relates to Contacts to Multiple Accounts and Person Accounts…this is a Classic AND Lightning feature. I will also add that a related contact on a Person Account can be a business contact or another person account.


  2. Thank you, Cari, for the heads up. I have moved the feature out from Classic only onto the Lightning and Classic page and included the additional tidbit about the related contact.


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