Salesforce Release

Spring ’17 Salesforce Classic & Lightning Experience Highlights


The list of Spring’17 features below only apply to both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

There are additional Spring’17 features available to Lightning Experience only and Salesforce Classic only. Visit the Spring ’17 Release Highlights post.

  1. Person accounts are now available to Professional Edition users. Person accounts must be enabled by Salesforce. After they’re enabled, they can’t be disabled.
  2. Create indirect relationships between person accounts and contacts by adding the Related Contacts related list to the person account page layout. A related contact on a Person Account can be a business contact or another person account.
  3. Search Enhancements:
    • Search for contacts faster by searching on first or last name, both and also plus the account name. Direct and indirect account relationships to the contacts will be returned that match the search criteria.
    • Search for (Calendar) Events, Quotes and Tasks.
  4. Sales Cloud Einstein is available for an additional fee.
    • Prioritize leads with predictive lead scoring and insights.
  5. Marketing and Sales Operations users can view converted leads via the new “View and Edit Converted Leads” permission.
  6. Enable spam filtering on the Web-to-Lead form with the reCAPTCHA widget.
  7. Quote enhancements: Search for quotes, delete quote PDFs and add multiple products to quotes at the same time.
  8. Manage duplicate person account records.
  9. Improve deliverability by controlling the email size by setting size limits on attachments or allowing only links to files.


  10. Triggers, validation rules, flows, approvals, workflow and Process Builder have been improved to evaluate person accounts more effectively. Previously, using the name field only worked on business accounts.
  11. Sales Cloud Einstein is available for an additional fee.
    • Using Automated Activity Capture, Einstein users connect their email and calendar to Salesforce.
    • Prioritize leads with predictive lead scoring and insights.
  12. Automatically assign cases to support queues or users when cases are submitted via Email-to-Case.EmailToCase.JPG
  13. When an approval process is activated, the Submit for Approval button is automatically added to the page layout.
  14. Visual Flow enhancements:
    • Display flow screens in two columns is now generally available.

    • (PILOT) Create reflexive UI flow screens: Configure field rules to control when to show or hide particular screen fields that reflexive to the user’s selectiions. This takes effect only for flows that use Lightning runtime.
    • For Fast Create and Fast Update flow elements, an administrator has to choice to either enforce field-level security or ignore inaccessible fields. The below table describes the behavior to the setting.FlowTable.JPG
  15. Global picklist enhancements:
    • They now have their individual record types
    • You can automatically add a global picklist value set to all record types using that value set by selecting “Add the new picklist values to all Record Types that use this Global Value Set.
    • You can edit the label without affecting the API name or vice versa. Additionally, you can disable the ability to update the API name once set.
  16. The URL for hyperlink function can no longer contain Javascript fo rincreased security. This applies to new hyperlink formulas. Existing formula fields with Javascript hyperlinks will continue to work. 

  17. If an administrator logs in as another user who has the “Two-Factor Authentication for User Interface Logins” user permission, the administrator must also satisfy the 2FA identity verification requirement.
  18. For user email address changes, the user will still confirm the request by clicking a link in the email sent to the new email address. However, after login, if necessary, user is prompted for identity verification.
  19. Global actions are available for the Contract and Order objects.
  20. Health Check enhancements:
    • You now have the ability to customize the Health Check security baseline with your industry standards by importing a custom security baseline.
    • New Health Check permissions: “View Health Check” permission will give the user the permission to view your org’s Health Check score and view/edit Health Check settings. The “Manage Health Check” permission will allow the user to create, edit and delete custom baselines in Health Check.
  21. Platform Encryption enhancements:
    • You can now reference encrypted fields in formulas.
    • (PILOT) Encrypt Chatter posts. You can now encrypt feed posts, questions and answers, link names, comments and poll questions.
    • Data masking is being decoupled from Shield Platform Encryption once the critical update is activated. The “View Encrypted Data” permission and its resulting masking behavior will no longer be available in Shield Platform Encryption. Field level and object level security controls who has access to data, regardless of whether it is encrypted. The “View Encrypted Data” permission will continue to work for Classic encryption.
    • Apply a tenant secret to all data stored in Salesforce or just to search index files.
  22. Event Monitoring enhancement: Use the Login As event type data to review actions performed by an Administrator when logged in as another user to identify any security breaches or vulnerabilities, and also to inform your users what occurred.
  23. Salesforce Connect enhancements:
    • With this release, your users and developers can now create, update and delete records that are stored in connected Salesforce orgs.
    • Limit on the maximum number of external objects per org has increased from 100 to 200.
  24. (BETA) Lightning for Gmail: Once users download Lightning for Gmail from the Chrome web store, users can search, view and update Salesforce records without leaving Gmail. Increase productivity by customizing email application panes with Lightning App Builder.
  25. (BETA) Lightning Sync for Google: Users can sync Salesforce contacts to Google Contacts.  Your users can also see who attended Google booked meetings directly from Salesforce.

  26. Lightning for Outlook enhancements: Users can perform inline editing of records within Outlook and with some development in Lightning components, email panes can enhanced to increase productivity.
  27. Lightning Sync for Microsoft Exchange: Your users can also see who attended Microsoft Exchange created calendars directly from Salesforce.