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Spring ’17 Release Highlights

spring17logo It would be nice if we could just fast forward through winter onto spring. I like the white snow covering trees, ice skating, etc., but I much more prefer warmer weather and can do without Uggs, down jackets, bulky sweaters, gloves and hats if I had a choice.

I welcome anything Spring related, including the Spring ’17 Salesforce seasonal release.

Have you combed through the 455 pages of Spring ’17 release notes? Not jumping at that activity?! Honestly, who are we kidding?

Access the HTML Release Notes

Access the PDF Release Notes

I read through the HTML notes and am highlighting some of the need to know or cool Spring ’17 features. Note: These highlights are from the Spring ’17 Release Notes published as of 12/28/16 and are subject to change prior to the production release of Spring 17.

I divided the posts into five posts:

Read up and enjoy.

Happy holidays and have a great new year. 


6 thoughts on “Spring ’17 Release Highlights

  1. How about the “Knowledge: Say Hello to Lightning Knowledge” I did not find anything about it your analysis or I have missed it.
    Please throw some light on that one also, what SF is doing in that area and how we can benefit our customers with using this Lightning Experience Knowledge Management.


  2. Hi Sandeep. The highlights is meant to be that, just highlighting some, not all the new features coming in Spring 17. I suggest that you read more about the Lightning Knowledge in the release notes.


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