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Winter ’17 Salesforce Classic Only Enhancements


The list of Winter ’17 features below only apply to the Salesforce Classic.

There are additional Winter ’17 features available to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Visit the Winter ’17 Release Highlights post.

1.Sync up to 2000 social accounts faster with 500 accounts viewable per page.

2. Customer service reps can reply directly to a Facebook comment in Salesforce.

3. Salesforce Console for Service enhancements:

  • Control list view hovers in the Console. You can now turn off list view hovers. Also, if you keep hovers, they will only appear when you mouse over a record name, or for cases, the subject field.
  • Access to the console has been removed from Lightning Experience App Launcher. To access the console, you need to be in Salesforce Classic, select the app picker to switch to the console.

4. (BETA) Omni-Channel Supervisor brings live streamed operational intelligence about your Omni-Channel agents, queues and work in the Salesforce Console:

  • Supervisors can select an agent, queue, or work item to view detailed information, such as status changes, assignments, etc.
  • Supervisors can see how and when agents change status and work on items via a calendar view where they can set the day, time period, and zoom to see how the agent is doing.

5. Live Agent: Use (BETA) Omni-Channel Routing for Chats and Enhanced Chat Transcripts

  • Instead of using skills to route live chats to the best-skilled agent, select Omni as the routing type and use your Omni-Channel queues instead.
  • For chats routed with Omni-Channel, the Live Chat Transcript covers the entire chat lifecycle, starting from the chat request.
  • There is a new agent alert to chat timeouts so agents know when a chat is going to timing out shortly from a customer’s slow or non-response, or from the customer whose lost their connection. This alert prevents abrupt endings for your agents’ chats. For those customers using the time-out feature, there is now a default of 40 seconds until the warning appears for the agent, and 110 seconds until the chat ends.

6. Chatter Answers is retiring in Winter ’18.




5 thoughts on “Winter ’17 Salesforce Classic Only Enhancements

  1. Sorry. 😦 My brain was fried after a long day making sure I had everything ready for my note to end users and I must have only read the non bold section. Thanks for listing these.


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